Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday October 4, 2008 12:58 am

Well today wasn't the best either for Will. I hope they can get the vomiting under control soon. Sometimes he's throwing up a couple of times every hour. He's getting worn out I think. I think all this will be resolved when he finally gets his trach out. Please pray for a better day today.

Speaking of that,Tanya got her vent tube taken out today. I went down to see her and she looks so good. She was talking and everything. She didn't walk today because they just want her to practice breathing. What a trooper!! God is working wonderful miracles for this young woman.

Coach and Donna came up and Donna, Angel, and I went to Olive Garden. Yum-Yum! Coach stayed with Will and talked but Will just wasn't feeling well at all so he slept a lot. Coach doesn't seem to mind at all. Will feels badly but I think they are happy just hanging out together. Angel rode home with Coach and Donna this afternoon.

Will did dialysis today and they took two liters off. So hopefully he will be feeling better by tomorrow and we can get him up and moving. I want to take him outside but there's a storm front coming in tonight. So, we will see.

Oh, yes, Will had another visitor early this morning, before Angel and I could get up here. Tommy Connor, came up to visit Will. It's been awhile since we saw him and he brought us up some bagels and spread. How nice he was to do that. Will wants me to thank him but I don't have his phone number so I'm using this media to do that. Thanks, Tommy. Tommy is the Coach at Westminster College and Will used to be his assistant.

Today is the anniversary of the third month we have been on this floor. We have gotten very close to these nurses too. We still go down and see our buddies on the fourth floor too. I know I have said it before, but how blessed we are that all these people really do love Will and treat him like one of theirs. They have really touched us.

Enjoy your weekend and God bless

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