Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oct 29, 2008 Wednesday 12:29 am

Will moved more today. He's so tough, even as bad as he's feeling, he walked twice--once in the morning very early and once in the evening. He stayed off the vent for about eight hours and he sat in a chair for about an hour.

The doctor is thinking about changing his tube feeds to see if that might help his situation. We will see.

Here is a cute site for some fun with a pumpkin. Halloween is just around the corner. My neighbor, Kim, decorated my house up for Halloween. I will be in Boise, but I love Halloween, and I think some of our nieces and nephews will be by the hospital, hopefully. Hope everyone is getting their costumes ready. Send pictures if you want so I can share with Will.

Coach is coming by tomorrow and visiting Will. That will be a nice change for the weekday. I will be going up early on Friday because I have parent-teacher's conferences Thursday and half day Friday. That will give Tom a little longer time at home, I hope.

Please God, bless everyone reading this AMEN Thank you all for being so faithful to Will. It still amazes me that so me people read this every day. I wish I had more to say, I wish I was funnier, and I wish you all knew how grateful we are.


The Benites Family said...

Hey this is just the MICU night crew just checking in to see how things in the life of Will and family are going. We wish you the best!

Mason & Suzy said...

Hi guys! Look out for pics from our munchkins. Halloween is the favorite holiday around here!
Glad to hear you're closer to one another! We still pray often for you and with you! I love your posts Teri, don't ever think you're boring! Keep 'em coming!