Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday, Oct. 13, 2008 Columbus Day

I'm back in Hagerman tonight. Tom is now with Will. It was really strange because I forgot that Tom hadn't seen the new place yet. He's seen pictures of it but he never got to visit it until today so I took him on a tour. I think he's very impressed with it as I am. I am so lucky that I got to spend the last four days with him. It really helped to be able to get everything settled and it made the transition so much smoother. My boss is great-thanks, Kevin.

Angel and Aaron brought up Candace today again. It was so cute. Anytime I was there to do something with Will at his bedside-so was Candace. She wanted to know everything that anybody was doing to her Uncle Will. They made little pumpkins and put them in Will's window and colored him a picture. Aaron tried to watch football with Will but he just slept through it (Will, not Aaron).

It was another busy time in Will's room today. He did get off the vent for 4 1/2 hours today but it is having a little more trouble breathing so they had to give him more 02. He might have a plug that he needs to work up. His vomiting has lessened and that's good. He tried to sit in a chair this afternoon but he just couldn't breathe too well. So after a couple minutes he went back to the bed. Tomorrow will be better. He will have dialysis in the morning. Maybe that will take some of his fluid off his lungs and it will help him breathe easier.

I have some wonderful, fantastic news!!!!! Tanya, our CF buddy who had the transplant three weeks ago, will be going home tomorrow. She is just so excited, and if you want to see some of her pictures and read her blog, just click on the blog connection on the right of Will's home page. It will take you there. She is so, so happy. We are very excited for her. All of our prayers have been answered and I just know that she is not going to have any trouble with her two new lungs.

God bless


Coach said...

Will, I hope you have a good week. I'm sure things will improve as you get used to your new temporary home. Having Dr. Tom back with you will also help your recovery. Although your Mother is a pretty good nurse. ( I sure hate to admit that)
Kim, Will wanted me to tell you he doesn't appreciate you using his blog to call people "old school". He seemed very upset with you and will talk to you about it when he gets the trach out !!!
Have a good week Will, keep working hard and remember your next step is home.

whitehouse said...

Just to hear Will's voice will be awesome! Soon . . keep up the great work Will. See you very soon!

Hey Will I forgot to share a funny story with you about your good buddy Brent (I am tired of Coach getting all of the recognition). The other day Brent was dancing around the neighborhood showing of one his new BSU Shirt. Very proudly strutting his stuff I must say. Until we noticed he still had that XXL sticker stuck to the shirt. It would not have been so bad had he not spent the day already walking around Twin. Thats your friend Will. This neighborhood needs you!

Anonymous said...

You are all having TOO much fun! Never thought I'd say this but you are making miss Idaho more and more... Well talking about BSU I know this isn't as good, but I went to my first college football game. GO GATORS!!! I'm sure all of you college football fans know more about them than I do. But the game was awesome and now I have to say I can't wait to come home and see a BSU game.
Keep up the great fight Will! Hope Idaho is treating you well. Bet it is great to be a little closer to home...
Terri, you sounded great! Wish we were closer so that I could come check out your classroom. I just know you have some amazing lessons going on there!

Somer Love said...

Yay!!! I am so glad you will be getting visits form all your great friends and family soon!!

This move is going to be great things to you Will I really believe that. Keep your chin up!!

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Thanks for the prayers!! I know tomorrow will be better for Will.. I am thinking often of him, my family is as well.. He is going to kick this in the butt and is going to continue to be our hero..
Love ya