Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Oct. 19, 2008 12:51 a.m.

Here is a picture of the three kids. For those of you that don't know Curtis, he's like our kid. He came to live with us in high school and he's been ours ever since. Will and Curtis use to get in lots of trouble together but we won't bring that up now. They get together and really pick on Angel so it's good times. They really had Will smiling. The nurses said it was so good to see him like that. Curtis and Jenn and Cali live in Nampa where Curtis is a cop. (Now that's a really scary thought) We can't wait until Will can see Cali (Curtis' seven year old daughter). It has been over a year since she's seen her Uncle Will. They have always been close.

Let me explain these next pictures-I wanted a picture of my boys so I asked them to get together. Well, those of you that know Angel, know that she likes her picture taken. So while I was taking this, she snuck under Will's bed and got her head in the shot. So for the next picture we made her stand in the corner and I got a good one of the boys. It was pretty funny though.

Tomorrow his cousin is coming up to do the play-by-play for the Dallas game. No, it's not Danny, it's Will's other cousin, Shannon. Shannon and Will lived together while they were going to college and I really am glad I didn't know half what they did. Now they tell me and I just shake my head. Shannon, Amanda, and their three kids live in Mountain Home. He works for Idaho Power.

Will's xray came back as unchanged. They were hoping that it would be less density. So they will take another one tomorrow, Sunday, and if that hasn't changed they will do a bronch on Monday to see what's going on. He's having a miserable night tonight. He's really itching all over. Usually it's because he's needing to get the toxins out of his body, but you would think that after three days in a row of dialysis the toxins would pretty much be out of his system but that's not so. He even got double the benedryl the last two times and it's not touching it. Poor guy. Right now, I'm just packing him with ice so that helps for a little bit.

His night nurse, Teresa, is moving up to be his favorite from here (she can't replace his faves from the U until she puts as much time in as they have). She comes in and gives him all his meds at 9:00 p.m. and then she gives him a massage. His arms, legs, hands, and back. All the worry lines in his face just disappear. She's great and she's good for him too. She calls him the boss. He always has been but it's nice they getting the title right finally :)

He should have another fun day tomorrow with Shannon here and maybe Curtis might come back in the afternoon. I hope we can get the itching taken care of tomorrow. He's going to have all his skin taken off real soon.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. I hope you all go to church and just listen to the Word. What a wonderful instruction manual for our lives. God bless


bug said...

Uncle Will: We are so happy that we were able to finally see you this weekend. It was great to see you smile and I know Curt's jokes were not that funny. Cali enjoyed manning the camera, so I hope your mom got a good picture. We are looking forward to the many more visits now that you are back in Idaho.

Somer Love said...

Keep your chin up Will You are in my thoughts and prayers!!