Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct. 22, 2008 Wednesday 12:11 AM

Will stood up a few times today while his grandparents were there. Joel is the physical therapist that works with Will and he had Will walking in place just to get his muscles going again. He will do his dialysis in the morning. He is still itching and we haven't heard from any of the bronch tests yet. Still probably a few days away for those. He's needing more 02 still but maybe that will get better tomorrow.

One of his old (I mean "old" in a good way) respiratory therapists from Twin Falls that use to take care of Will when he was little, came to see him. Her name is Jo and she's been our friend for a long time. I haven't got to talk to her since she saw him but I wanted to hear how she liked the place.

Thanks Tanya for updating your blog, you look FANTASTIC!!! If you haven't seen how great Tanya is doing with her new lungs-take a look.

Have a great Wednesday and God bless.

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Culley's said...

Will - Keep up the good work. Wish they would find you a medicine that didn't have the itches in it. With so many to choose from you think by now they'd have it right. Well I'll pray that they get smarter & figure this out. Yo Universe- What's up? Now just put a smile on your face & get some of the endorphins flowing. Sunday on TV check out some of Joel Osteen's jokes. He's also on the internet. We like to watch him early Sunday before we go to my mom's for coffee. So she always asks us what the joke is for the day. Its a ritual for us. If you have not listened to him its a real treat. I really like his sermons. His voice is so easy to listen to. He's a youngen like you- maybe a little older. Anyone younger than me is a youngen. Will, did they tell you this weekend about the referee shouldering the guy running the ball & knocking him over. That tackle shouldn't have counted - too many players on the field. Don't know which team it was. Just remember seeing it on the replays. -My password today here is guwna-"cracked me up". Guwna go down to the river.-Bye-old ladie signing off.-M