Saturday, November 1, 2008

NOVEMBER 1, 2008 SAT. 12:51 AM

Hey Coach, Halloween's all over so you can take off your mask now. FUNNY, HUH? I need to go on stage I think (got him back for us, Donna, Lynette, and Pam).

Grandma and Grandpa brought Will up a little basket of candy so we could give some out to the staff here. That was very thoughtful. Thanks.
Here was our first trick or treater--Our Cali, Curtis and Jen's little 7 yr. old. She came as a vampire, or is it vampiress?? She was so cute when she came in, she had her fang teeth and everything. Isn't that a great smile on Uncle Will's face? She can make him like that just by walking into his room. Here's a cute story about that pumpkin at the bottom of the bed. Cali decorated it for Uncle Will and she drew four faces on the pumpkin--1) sad face 2)happy face 3) straight line mouth for okay feeling and then 4th) was the angry face. She told Uncle Will that he could just turn it to the one that shows how he's feeling and then the doctors won't have to ask him. That's just the cutest thing.

So Will put it on the happy face while she was here.

The picture above was when she was sitting on Uncle Will's bed. The lady behind them is the dialysis nurse.

Then after a little bit Billie brought Sadie and Kobe. Sadie was a mermaid and she had on the cutest little shoes. They made a lot of noise when she walked so she loved those. And Will's little namesake-was dressed as a chili pepper. Isn't' he adorable. He wasn't happy because big sister got all the candy but she told me he couldn't have any until he got big.

This last picture was of Maria, our aid (they call them PCT stands for patient care technician here). She came in to hold a little red chili so I could take a picture of Will and Sadie. He was being so good for Maria she got to hold him awhile. Aren't his eyes beautiful??

These sweet visitors came right after Will was done with dialysis so he had on three hospital blankets and he had me throw on his Cowboys blanket too. It's so strange to have him cold.

They took off about three liters today and he stayed off the vent for 10 hours. That's so much better than last weekend. He took a walk today that was so far this morning. Of course, when I got up here he was done walking for the day, but I'm sure that he will walk for me tomorrow. At least he will be able to sleep in a little tomorrow. I already can see he's doing much better than last weekend. He's looking forward to that. He did listen to a Celtics game tonight--Yup, it's that time folks. Go Green!!!!!

Now I saved the best picture for last. I have been putting the pictures of sweet people that have been rubbing Will's feet for him. I think they have all been "trumped." Sadie decided that she would put some lotion on Will's feet (just the bottom though). It was the most adorable picture. Look at Will's face. She even asked when she was done if that was good. SO SWEET!!!
I hope that I get some more pictures from home and I will put them on the blog too.

We are going to have a great weekend and I hope you all will too.

God bless


Coach said...

Will, it is amazing you, Angel and your Dad have been able to live with your Mother all these years. She thinks she is sooo funny but no one is laughing but her. (and her weird friends). I understand why you do so much better when your Dad is there. They knew that in Salt Lake but the doctors and nurses were to nice to say anything. I'm not nice so I will say it.
Great job with your PT. I know it is hard but you always respond when things are difficult. (hospital, state tourney, Junior year)
I will see you in acouple of days when your Mother isn't there to bother us.
Have a good day.

Christi said...

How soon you forget that I have a Tom AND Will namesake. I know he isnt as squishy as The Cobester, but he does come with some very clever wit.

Lthsldy said...

Will, Will, Will. You have to get better so that Coach no long has a way to attack the lovely women in your life. He just hasn't been nice since he retired (I'm guessing it was deemed "medical" after how he's been acting lately, however.)

Terri - Thanks! We need to hang together against the forces of "evil."

Will - Happy November! I have a feeling you are going to have a great month!

Love ya

Jessica said...

Hey Will,
Great pictures today! Glad to hear everything is moving along well now that you are back in Idaho. I hope to come visit soon, but it may have to be for our class reunion this summer. I hope you will be able to make it! We need someone to keep Coach in line... you know how he gets out in public. lol Especially when we are playing basketball!
Thanks for the great updates Terri!