Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Oct. 24, 2008 1:12 am

Today was very busy for Will. The physical therapist had gotten Will up and Will walked to the nurses desk, probably 15 feet. Then after I got there tonight they had him do it again for Grandpa and me. So two times Will has gotten up today.

The meeting was good and I was glad I got to be there. Will asked if I would ask for a few things for him. So I did and the staff was glad I brought it to their attention. It wasn't anything bad, just that people were forgetting that Will can't see and they don't announce themselves when they come into his room. Then they start doing things in his room and he doesn't have a clue what they are doing. So they will try to remember that. They do try to do everything they can to make him more comfortable.

The people at the meeting were very encouraged with Will's progress this last week. It was good to hear. The doctor thinks Will is getting stronger and that means that probably he's not going through rejection. If it was rejection then the lungs would only get worse without treatment. We still wait for the final results from that bronch. Should be coming in soon.

Curtis came by again this afternoon and spent some time visiting. That's what Will needs. Brent and Stacee also came over on their way to see their daughter Whitney. Will was pretty miserable by then so they didn't want to stay too long. They stayed long enough so Tom and I could go to dinner together. Haven't done that in a while. Above is a picture done with a camera phone.
It is Stacee Clark massaging Will's feet. You can tell on
her face that this is not one of her most enjoyable jobs.
She didn't like it but she did it anyway-Thanks Stacee!

Tom is going home when I come up there tomorrow afternoon. He is picking up Candace and bringing her to see her daddy and Angel, and they are going to take care of Grandma while I'm up with Will. We're tag teaming here.

So if the tests come in tomorrow I will let you all know. God bless

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