Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Oct. 28, 2008 12:17 AM

Will isn't feeling any better but they increased his pain meds again. Maybe tomorrow he can get up for a little walk. He did stay off the vent for 7 1/2 hours and had dialysis. He did do some range of motion exercises in bed so he's doing some activity. The doctor thinks this should all clear up in a day or two.

Tanya put another post on her blog and she seems to be doing great. She's something else. You can read her blog by just clicking on her name on the right of Will's blog home page.

I want to wish Will's cousin Billie a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, from him and us too.
We love you lots and lots.

I don't know if Angel and Aaron will be coming up here this weekend or staying home for trick-or-treaters. I don't know if Tom will be home either, so I will let you all know so if there is someone here, all you little goblins around Hagerman can come by and scare them.

Please pray that God just takes Will's pain away if that is His will.

God bless and thanks.

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