Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oct. 5, 2008 Sunday 12:26 am

It's raining, it's pouring... and I hear that it's raining at home also. God knows we really need all this rain and it's snowing up in the mountains around Salt Lake already. I took Will on a little ride downstairs and he went by the door and listened to it rain. He wasn't feeling well so he didn't want to stay away from his room for too long but I think it was good for him to get out of there for a few minutes.

Tanya is off the Bi-pap machine except at night. She doesn't need it during the day and she's using less and less 02. She's doing great. She made a lap of the nurses station for her walk today. . Wow. Will gets to go and see her Sunday afternoon for a little bit. On Monday she's had her new lungs for three weeks. She's already pink and perky, making everyone smile,but that's nothing new for her. God is so awesome, it's hard to believe just last month she was barely able to walk anywhere. Now this 22 yr. old gets to go for the gusto. We are so happy for her.

I think it's supposed to be very cold tonight so I will sleep with an extra blanket or two. Tom will be coming back this afternoon. They finished the flooring in Will's room. We took up the carpet and put wood flooring in his bedroom. We read that its much better for him to have that. I really don't know why I said "we" because I didn't help at all. Angel, Aaron, Kim and Richard and Tom did it. Thanks guys-Will's going to love it when he gets home.

There are a few changes that Will's team is making and we will tell you all when it's all done so Will needs lots of prayers right now. As all of you know, God knows what we need even before we do. So just pray for good choices for Will. I won't keep you all in suspense too long. Maybe by Wednesday we can finally let everyone know, but for now the prayers are gratefully appreciated again. Every time big changes happen, we all pray and so far it's been working-so all of our prayers are powerful. Will wants me thank you all for the continued support.

The Bible verse Will and I talked about tonight was Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. So every time we get tired of all this "stuff" it's a good verse to repeat to ourselves, right? Couldn't be more perfect right now. He's getting very tired of this constant vomiting. They should have some answers soon.

Tom was so cute today. He called and he was under his hay barn listening to the rain coming down and he was talking to his horse. He sounded 20 years younger. He's always loved the rain and then combined with his horse--he's got it all. So he's had a busy weekend but it was relaxing too. He probably won't like it that I said he was being cute. Sorry honey--and all you Idaho Power friends that read this-don't make fun of him, okay, well maybe just a little bit! hee hee.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and your church fills your heart with the love of our Lord.
God bless

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