Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2008 12:11 am

Crazy day today. I took off half day and went over to see my mom after her surgery. She is doing very well but having some trouble with the anesthesia but she should be better in the morning. After I went over to see Mom, I went to Boise to be with Will and Tom while Will had his bronch. I was there just a few minutes before it started. Whew, that was cutting it close.

Dr. Fuller is the dr. taking care of Will this week, next week it's Dr. Hendrickson. They take turns every week. Both of them are pulmonary doctors with lots of time under their belts. Anyway, Dr. Fuller was trained at John Hopkins, as I understand. So I'm thinking that is probably a pretty good training, right? Okay, so I still needed to be there to watch and make sure that he knew what he was doing.

All the machines were different than the ones used at the U. Dr. Fuller went down and looked all over. He didn't find any more blood down his lungs so even though he's bleeding at the trach, Dr. Fuller believes it's like before, just irritated from all the vomiting and coughing he's doing. I can't help but feel a little lost without Dr. Cahill watching out for Will. I guess this full trust will come in time. We don't even have Tauna and Kelly to be out angels in waiting. Boy, do we miss them.

Dr. Fuller couldn't find any real signs of infection but they did send cultures to grow and we should know something in 3-5 days (hospital time). Because they couldn't find infections going on, he's starting to lean toward rejection. He does have a call in to Dr. Cahill and they will get together and decide what course they want to do. We should know tomorrow, maybe. (Again hospital time)

After the bronch, Will slept because they really sedated him. So I stayed a few hours and then I went home. Tom hung out with him and when he woke up they listened to a book on tape.
I left about 7 which was very early but I knew he would be sleeping. I needed to get back to school and get some work done so I could leave after school tomorrow and go pick my mom up from the hospital. She is going to get out tomorrow when I get out of school. Will won't have dialysis tomorrow and hopefully he will get a full day of physical therapy in. They told me that they don't usually let them go this long without pushing and pushing but Will's breathing isn't that good so they are going to be very careful.

So that's the crazy day. I wanted to ask Tanya (because I know she reads Will's blog) to get on her own blog and let us know how she's doing. Will asks me every day but she hasn't posted for a while. So Tanya-----blog, please, for Will :) We are still praying for you very hard.

We are so so so blessed by our Father because He gave us such a wonderful family all around us. What would we do without all of you and you know who I mean. A big THANK YOU from us.

Here is Will's hospital, I think I gave it before but just in case I didn't here is it: http://siach.ernesthealth.com/index.html You can go on line and take a photo tour of the place and yes it does look like this. Remember, it's a new facility and there is only six patients right now. It's right next door to Bishop Kelly High School for those that are familiar with Boise.

God bless and goodnight.

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Coach said...

Will, I can't believe your Mom put the location of your new residence on the blog. Now Kim knows where to find you. I'm sorry but at least you know I didn't tell her. I know you had me swear on the Bible I wouldn't tell her or Donna and I didn't. Kim is busy with volleyball stuff so hopefully you will be gone before she gets to Boise.
I hope you have a good day and can get some therapy in.