Thursday, October 9, 2008

update 10/9/08

So Will made it up here in one piece. Angel and I were waiting for him. I will let everyone know more later tonight. I just wanted to tell everyone he's okay. He's so tired. The only thing wrong is that they won't let him drink anything until he's had a swallow test tomorrow. He's been drinking for months now and he's not too happy because he's so thirsty ya know. Power of suggestion, If you tell someone they can't have something, then that's all you want. Right, all you dieters out there???
Thanks for all the prayers and the comments.
God bless
I will update later tonight

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KarenD said...

Will, Terri and Tom, We sent Will off this morning with tears, of joy for him to be able to be going to a place closer to home, and tears because we know we will be missing him. Thanks for letting us know that he arrived safely. I hope everyone has a restful and peaceful night. Take care!!