Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Oct. 27, 2008 12:35 am

Just got back from Boise and there goes the weekend. Today Will still wasn't feeling well. His blood sugars got up almost to 500 and stayed there for a while even after getting insulin. But he did enjoy his visits with Shannon and Coach. Then later in the evening Brent and Stacee dropped by. And Will really enjoyed the Cowboys win---Go Dallas.

I told Tom I think it's me because he does pretty well during the week. He did sit up in the chair for three hours today and stayed off the vent for six hours so that was big because they had to get him back on the heavy drugs for pain last night and today. Hopefully tomorrow they will figure out the cause of the discomfort . He is doing better this last week and we want him to keep going forward, and he will.

Where there's a WILL there's a way
God bless and have a great Monday

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