Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oct. 7, 2008 Tuesday 12:09 am

Tom told me that Will had a little better day today. He was off the vent for 4 hours but he still couldn't get up and go for a walk. He did say maybe tomorrow. Will had dialysis and they took about 3 liters which is just under 10 pounds. He's had some good visitors to see him lately-a lot of the staff that has worked with Will. I think they are trying to encourage him to "keep on keepin' on" as they say around the hospital.

Speaking of keepin on--Tanya is moving up to the floor that Will's on tonight as I write this. YEA!!!! It's so amazing!!!! She has made such good progress-she should be going home this week sometime. They have found an apartment because she will have to stay around the hospital for about three months. Her family will be taking good care of her. I will definitely keep you informed.

I wish I had more to say, but I try to think of something and I'm drawing a blank.
Let me know if there's anything you might need to know.
God bless and keep reading our blog. It might get more interesting soon.

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Culley's said...

Will, we are sure hoping to see you feeling more up to par. We can't let you get discouraged now can we. So here is me trying to be a cheerleader & telling you to stay strong & try to think of one positive thing each day and smile. It will be nice to have Tanya on the same floor. You can be able to walk and talk to someone who has also followed your site and has gotten encouragement from you and knows all your going thru. I think this will be good for both of you. Tanya- per her site-seems to be into horses just like your Dad is. So glad she has improved enough to be able to advance to your floor now. Hope you both get to feeling well enough to visit each other a bunch.
She would be a good new friend to have at your side.
Well know God luvs you and so do we. Keep strong. Better, happier days are to come. Expect Miracles.
Our prayers are going out to both you & Tanya today.