Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oct. 11, 2008 Saturday 1:15 am

We're here in Idaho!!!! I know you all know that already but I just love saying it.

Hey, it snowed here today and it stayed. I was just getting ready for summer-where did IT go???

We are missing our buddies from U of U so much. It wasn't supposed to hurt like this because this is such a good move. I know people come and go in your lives as God feels you need them, but they were a special bunch and we won't ever forget the kindness that they gave this our son. We will be keeping in touch with them for sure.

There's a cute day nurse that we've had both days here. She likes to come in to Will's room and dance for him. There's an RT that we like and she's from Texas so I'm really going to start saying things like Y'all. She's very knowledgeable too. So what I'm saying is the people here are smart but they are fun too. But man, I don't remember ever being this busy. Will didn't get to take a nap until about 8:00 tonight and then he's be woken up twice already. Poor baby...
But we are getting so much taken care of and since it's Friday we needed to get stuff rolling because on the weekends, things roll slowly.

Will is now able to have some water-little sips--but that's so subjective. Will's "little" sips are lots bigger than what they were talking about, but he's the boss.

I think he's getting rested from the trip and it won't be long before we are off quarantine and he can take a trip around this place. We will describe his routine and this place as soon as we have a few minutes to breathe.

This is going to be a good place, we know it's just what Will needs and as soon they know Will a little better things will run smoother. It will be a challenge for a while but Will's use to that.

I have loved reading Will all the email and comments that he has been getting congratulating him on the move. All of you have just been an incredible support for him and we thank you and thank you and thank you.

God, thank you for all the wonderful people that love Will and please pour blessings on their lives. AMEN (that prayer came from Will and his family)

Have a great weekend!!!!!

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Karen A. (kka) said...

Two days in a row with great news. Way to go Will! I looked at all the snow we got here today and what they had in SLC and thought--boy, Will, did you ever time this one. Your mom didn't have to rush to SLC in this snowy weather!
I think of all the lives you have touched in this long journey, Will. Several floors in the SLC hospital and then moving on to Boise! I know you have had a positive influence on all of them.
But now you need to get better so all of us in the Magic Valley can spend some time with you--hopefully at home soon!
Have a wonderful weekend!