Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15, 2008 Wednesday 12:15 am

I went to see Will tonight and it was so nice. I was able to be over to his hospital by 4:30 and it just seemed like a walk in the park. He was awake and he had been off the vent for 8 hours. That's the longest he's been for a while. He was itching like crazy (needing dialysis) so he had to take some benedryl which puts him to sleep. He didn't want to because I had come up to see him but man, he was itching so much it was taking his skin off. I didn't mind watching him sleep.

He has been having some trouble breathing the last few days and so the RT's have bumped him up to 60 % 02 (up from 40% when we got to Boise). We all feel like it's fluid built up on his lungs and around his lungs. So the dr. is going to try giving him dialysis three days in a row beginning Wednesday. This should relieve some of that. If it isn't then we will try other things. So that is a concern right now but hopefully it will be resolved in a few days. He's not really happy about dialysis for three days (which means he will be wiped out three days in a row).

The physical therapists (PT) got him up this morning and had him stand and sit and stand and sit to try to move him around a little bit. He has lost some of his strength this last 10 days so we need to start building it back up as soon as his breathing is better.

The speech person came in and wanted to work with him but there was never a time that somebody wasn't doing something with him. So she said she would be back Thursday. They just want to do some exercises to help the muscles that he uses to talk with because when he gets the trach out, his voice muscles are going to be very weak.

My mom went to Boise with me tonight. She hadn't been able to see Will in a couple of months so she was impressed with how well he is looking. I will be going back to Boise tomorrow (today-whichever, I never know if I should be saying what the day is going to be when you all read this blog, or what day it is that I'm writing it, I get so confused). It has really helped me being this close. I don't feel so torn when I'm at work and he's not doing so well-like now with his breathing. We still miss our friends from the U. We are getting a few emails from them with sweet words for Will (Thanks, friends!) .

Tom is getting everybody fixed up in that place. I think the only thing he doesn't like is that there is no Starbucks on the first floor. I bet the Starbucks at the U went out of business without Tom and his daily visits.

So I will tell you about his day tomorrow after I see him.
Tanya is still doing very well, I hope you all visited her blog site and read how she is so happy in her apartment.
God bless


Haneys said...

Sounds like you have quite the team working with you now...not that you didn't at the U...maybe they are just keeping you busy because they don't want you to get too comfortable there and be heartbroken when you have to go home...
(Oh, wanted to let you know, thanks to the precursor-signing of "please", Roo is now incorporating it verbally with almost all requests~ Good Job WILL! and Thanks!)
Much love,
MaeDawn & Family

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

hey will the speech lady better show up tomorrow cause you will need your voice to boss people around in that joint and tell them you need your
Im wishing you good luck on your 3 days of the dreaded D.. dialysis
Love ya all