Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008 12:52 am

My mother is doing better and I want to thank you all for the prayers and good wishes for her speedy recovery. She will be staying with us for a little while longer. She has to wear this big, ol'contraption for about six weeks but that's really going to be the worse after the pain gets under control.

Will sat up in the chair for an hour today and then after dialysis he got off the vent for six hours or so. He seems to be sleeping better but that itching is driving him up the wall. When we see the kidney doctors again we will ask them what's up with that. It has to do something with the kidneys and dialysis. Tom and Will have been listening to Louis L'Amour books on tape and they are getting along just fine.

Christi, his cousin came up for a visit tonight and she caught him up on all her boys doings. Will is really close to her boys and has been missing them but maybe they can come up on the weekend because, guess what?? He is out of quarantine----finally no more yellow gown and gloves. Yea for us---it really didn't matter to him that much because Will didn't have to wear them.

We haven't heard from the cultures yet but I bet they will be back by Friday. I will write about them tomorrow night and clarify what is rejection. It can be bad but usually it just means that his anti rejection meds need to be adjusted or he might just have to take a big dose of steroids. So we should know soon.

I am going up there tomorrow right after school because they are having a meeting at four for the family and the care team to let us know what's going on and what his goals are. So I should have a little update tomorrow night for you all. Then I will go up on Friday after school for the weekend. Angel and Aaron will stay with Mom and take care of her. Candace gets to come to Hagerman for the weekend so Tom will bring her back home when he comes on Friday.

So we are gearing up for a wild weekend. Take care and God bless


Lthsldy said...

Will, Will, Will:
What is up with all the itching? Have they checked for "ants in your pants"?

It's been a while since I blogged, but I want you to know that you are the #1 priority on my prayer list and on my daily site visits.

Just as soon as you can have visitors, I'll grab Miss Gregg to come see you. We'll have to make sure that Coach is not around because I don't want to create a scene at the new facility. All the lights and sirens would not be good for your, or the other patient's, mental well-being!

Have faith that this is a temporary situation and it will be worth it!!!

Hugs to all

KarenD said...

Will and Family!! We are keeping up with your blog here on IMCU. I hope you can feel all of the good thoughts and prayers coming your way. We are praying everything will turn out good. We are missing you here. Go Dallas??!
Take care!! Karen