Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct. 20, 2008 Monday 12:48 am

Where did the weekend go?
Will finally got some relief for the itching about 5 tonight. Then he was able to sleep about two hours without moving. I bet that felt so good to him.
Shannon came down around noon to do the play-by-play of the Dallas game. First of all it wasn't on TV so Will wasn't happy but at least we have the XM radio. Then I don't think that Danny is going to be replaced any time soon because Shannon didn't make it there until almost half time. What kind of commentator doesn't even know when the game starts? He said he would do better next weekend-we will see.

Than after the Cowboy's embarrassing loss, I told the clerk out at the desk to get Jerry (the owner) on the phone and remind him that he has a sick person in the hospital that is going to relapse if the Cowboys don't start improving. They laughed at that and then Ben, the tech, came in and said that Jerry's phone was busy. So at least we tried.

Will got to go out of his room for the first time today. He hasn't even been able to tour the facility yet. So we begged the Dr. and he allowed it as long as no one was in the hall. Will is still in quarantine so he had to wear a gown. He went outside on this beautiful fall day and he was too hot. I think Will would be too hot in a snow blizzard right now. So we didn't stay outside but at least he got out of his room. Hope we can do that again real soon. Sorry, I forgot my camera in the room.

Curtis, Jenn and Cali did get to come up. Cali didn't come in the room but she got to go to the door and see her Uncle Will. She hadn't got to see him in over a year. She was glad to see him finally. they have always been close. Then Billie and her two kids came up to see me, yes, just to see me....maybe I'm just wishful thinking. Anyway she went in to visit her cousin and I got to watch the baby Coby and Sadie Kay. It was great but Sadie told me that maybe next time I could have some candy for her and crayons. So I guess I will be going to the story tomorrow.
So I got a good kids fix today and Will got to see his family. This was why we fought so hard to get back to Idaho. It's great for him.

Will had another xray today and it looks worse. So they will be doing a bronch tomorrow early afternoon. I don't know if I am going to be up there or what. I will play it by ear. Dr. Hendrickson, Will's new head dr., said that because dialysis didn't do the trick in improving Will's lungs that it probably wasn't because there's excess fluid. So Dr. Fuller will be going in and looking around. They will be looking for infection or rejection. Dr. Hendrickson already has started four different antibiotics even before he gets his cultures because he didn't want to wait. The cultures will take a few days to grow out and he thought he needed to play it safe. Me too.
So he needs some prayers for the bronch to go well and let the drs. see what they need to fix.

Also, I need some more prayers for my mother. She's going in for shoulder surgery and will stay in the hospital overnight. Then she will be coming home to the kindness of her friends. I can't help her too much right now and I am so happy that she's blessed with friends that will help out. I wish I could take care of her and she knows that, but I can't right now. She will be having a long recovery it sounds like so we will see if she would like to come over to our house and stay.

Thanks to all my prayer warriors and I bless you all every day, for real.
God bless


Somer Love said...

good luck on your bronch today!! Sorry about the Cowboys! my team lost to the Chargers! Sad day in the football world yesterday!

Keep on keeping on Will your doing Excellent I am glad you got out of your room this weekend.

Praying things get figured out ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with all of you! Please give Will a squeeze for me.... so glad that you are all back in Idaho together.
Sending love and hugs your way