Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday August 13, 2008 12:45 am

Here's our Breanna playing with "Uncle Will." She really didn't like sitting on his bed. She was okay as long as Tom was holding her. She liked playing tug-a-war with that stick. She always won, too. Will has got to get his muscle strength back :)

This picture is her dancing at the bottom of Will's bed on the little tray that is there for medicine. She almost looks like she knows she's not supposed to be doing that. What a character! Tom just sang her to sleep. He was singing one of the old, old cowboy songs that they used to sing to calm the herd of cows. Maybe Breanna will be a cowgirl someday. Breanna really does look a lot like our niece, Sadie Kay.

This last picture is after I took her downstairs to eat and I finally got her to smile at me, or maybe she just knows what a camera is for.

Will is such a superstar. His arthritis in his knee is really acting up. They can't really give him the normal arthritis medicine because those are the ones that can affect the kidneys, which he doesn't need. Even though the doctors feel real bad about the pain, they can't do anything about it except ice and Tylenol. Saying that, he still walked twice today after not walking the last two days. He walked 96 steps this morning and 102 steps tonight. He just keeps pushing and pushing. Everybody around here is just amazed at his motivation. You would think we would get used to it, but it always amazes Tom and I too. He walks down the hall and all the staff just hollers "Way to go, Will" makes Will work harder I think.

Here's some more good news----He stayed off the vent for 13 hours!!!! Yes, I said 13 hours straight. He's trying so hard. Tomorrow is dialysis again. Hopefully we will get another walk in before it starts.

His stomach is still having a lot of trouble but we are working with many people to try to find something that would help him.

Mindy and Breanna were our entertainment all day. We loved having them and Bre just thinks she is so funny (well she really is). They went home today. I also got to visit with my son-in-law because he was coming through and he had a layover for three hours. So we went to dinner together. We had a good visit.

Well, I hope God blesses all of you and keeps you safe.


Somer Love said...


When do yo head back? I have a clinic appt Mon morning.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news Terri! And thanks for sharing the pictures... always nice to see familiar faces and updated pictures of friends kiddos (hint, hint Mindy Lou)!
WILL YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR! Wish I was there to cheer you on too! Glad Mindy made it down...
Terri, my room is about to drive me crazy... or is it that I haven't seen the kids since 8:00 a.m. last a.m and it is now 12:20 a.m. Should be sleeping but you know how it is getting ready! My co-teach partner is awesome... we aren't technically co-teach, but that is what we call ourselves. We are going to be doing a lot together this year. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! You would LOVE her, she is really sweet (not anything like me)!
Hope you all have a FANTASTIC day! So far I have 21 kindergarten students (no aides here!) Wish me luck... or give me some good advice! If Coach Clark was closer, I'd rope him in to being our guest reader every week... wouldn't that be funny!! What grade are you teaching Terri? LOL Might what to consider that idea... LOL
Good night and sweet dreams..