Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4, 2008 Monday 1:00 am

Now we have pictures of the kids and me at the aquarium. As most of you know, I love fish so this was a real treat for me. The two little ones loved it too. Here is a picture of Carson and Candace with me. We were having so much fun but they didn't want to sit still to take their picture.
Then this was a picture when I asked for the kids to come and sit on my lap and my son-n-law tried to sit on my lap also. He's so funny to take anywhere. He turns into a little kid again.

I loved the look on little Carson's face. He and Aaron were looking at something and he wanted me to come see. Such wonderment in his eyes. I love children, they have a way of reminding us what life is all about.

Here is Candace, Aaron's daughter and Carson looking at their first sea horse. You can see the sea horse in the bottom right of the picture.

This is a cute family picture. Behind them are jelly fish. They were amazing.

This was another family picture outside of the aquarium. I am so glad I got to go with them. I will tell you that I LOVE being a grandma!!! Candace is such a sweetie, she and I bonded very well.

So now on to Will, since this is his blog after all. He had a pretty good day. He walked two steps farther than he has before, so that shows improvement. He sat in a chair twice for an hour each time and he peddled a little bike peddle machine on the floor. His feet swell sometimes by the end of the day so it's hard for him to walk again so this is good exercise for him. He stayed off the vent for 11 1/2 hours again. He's getting stronger and stronger.
Even though tomorrow isn't his dialysis day, they are going to change it for this week because of the test on Tuesday afternoon. They don't want him too tired. Many of you emailed me and told me of the prayers that are being said. I want to thank you, they comfort us so much. This test is not a matter of life and death. I hope I don't worry everyone. I just wanted prayers said on this Sunday. It will all make sense when I explain it on Wednesday's blog. It's going to be a long one I'm afraid because we have some explaining to do.
Dr. Cahill is leaving again for a week. I think I am going to have to handcuff her to Will's bed. That woman is beginning to be a global traveler. She is leaving us in good hands though. Also she calls and checks up on him every day. The nurses here are great to us. How lucky we are to be able to say that. There are some awful stories out there about nursing care, but not here.
God is good and I hope He blesses each and every one of you as He has blessed our family.


Brenda said...

Great pictures. We are all continuing our daily prayers for Will and we will pray for good things on Tuesday.

Tom, I hear that SLC security is looking for someone who was abusing the vending machines on Sunday. Do you know anything about that?

Somer Love said...

Love the pics

did you touch the sting rays?