Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday August 12, 2008 1:15 am

Will had dialysis today and they got 3.7 liters off. That's a little over 8 pounds of fluid. Today wasn't a great day and then they took him downstairs for xray. That takes a lot out of him. So he rested and slept most of the day. He did stay awake for a little visitor. Mindy (Henslee) Comstock and our little Breanna came to see Will finally. Breanna was born the day after we moved up here so this was the first time Will got to see her. She is such a little doll. I had some cute pictures but I forgot to put them on before I left the apartment today. So I will get them up tomorrow.

Tuesday should be a better day. He will hopefully get up and walk a couple of times and then maybe stay off the vent for most of the day. He stayed off only five hours today. We need to get those numbers back up.

Richard is doing great and got out of the hospital but I didn't get a call tonight so I hope they are doing okay. Kim will probably call me this morning. (That was just a subtle reminder for Kim).
Angel is still teaching summer school this week, so she's been busy.

Dr. Cahill got back but being so famous she's very busy catching up. She ran into Will's room and just wanted to remind him that she loved him and said she would be back tomorrow and be able to talk for a minute or two. She was just being pulled all over the place today. Ah, the price of fame. It just feels good to get her back here.

God bless


Erin said...

Wow, 8 lbs of fluid!! Good for you Will. The Clark family consumes that daily with Pepsi alone. :) Oh! Will, I'm supposed to ask you (from Brayton and the rest of the Hunt girls) to think of names for her 2 new kittens. She said they have to start with a "B" like their names. So, you better get to work on that. :) Well, the sun is starting to come up and I'm almost off my shift. Yay! Hope you have a better day today Will. Love you all and know that I'm praying for you!! Love, Erin (the CUTER Clark child)

Nichole Rammell said...

I'm a little offened that i've been to see will twice and not once was i mentioned in his bog. I am a good friend dang it. i don't care what will says! I hope he gets to feeling better. his good days will be back! you guys take care. we think of you often and pray for you. we check the blog everyday. terri you are doing awesome!

Anonymous said...

We hope that Will has a great day today! Mindy had said she was coming to see you, so glad to hear they made is safe and Will got to see Breanna! She is a doll, isn't she Will?
Terri, I talked to Kim late last night, she was trying to get dad to run a marathon, LOL! Only kidding but she said they had walked one mile early in the day and another 2 miles that late afternoon. Go Dad! It makes my ribs hurt just thinking about it, so I don't think I'll exercise tonight. lol
Back to the grind here... we start our first day tomorrow. Of course you know me, I couldn't just relax and wait until I had to go to school, I was in the last two days and Mason started at his first daycare. It worked out really well, because if he would've had a hard time I could've gone to be with him.
Thinking about you all! Wish we were at the same school Terri to feed off of each other's ideas... you never know!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, Mason LOVES his school! No tears, I give him a kiss and he goes to play.... whew!
AND... he said "I love you too!" for the first time when I was tucking him into bed last night. A mommy moment I will never forget... it was SO sweet!
Love ya all,