Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 16, 2008 Saturday 12:10 am

Dialysis day is just that. He got 3.5 liters off so Dr. Cahill thinks that Will is now at "dry-weight" which means we probably have all the fluid off that we can get off. So now maybe dialysis will just be taking toxins out of the body, not any more fluid.

He did have a good day visiting. Coach and Erin, his daughter, came to visit. They spent a few hours and then went on home. Now that's friends for you. He comes all the way from Idaho and then just spends a few hours. Will looks forward to the visit and it really picks him up.

Tom sister and brother, Bill came up to visit. They are spending the night and will be back up to visit with Will in the morning. He will be awake then. He slept most of the afternoon and evening. Tom was glad to see his family.

Saturday should be his best day yet. I hope he can walk maybe three times today. He said he would try. I need to put some more pictures up. Hope everyone is enjoying one of the last summer weekends before school starts.

God bless


Jessica said...

Great news! Will keep up the great work! Glad you have some visitors there to see you as well. Sorry you have to see Coach each week... lol At least he brought Erin this week! Hopefully he'll bring Donna for you next week.
Terri, how are you going to update the blog when you are back to school? Hopefully you'll get creative because I think we'll all go through withdraws without catching up on Will each day!
Hope you have a fabulous first day... our students start Monday! I met 17 out of 21 so far on Friday... yes kindergartners by myself. But it will be wonderful because I have the best partner in the county! I can't wait for this year....
Jesalyn and i have been spending a lot of time with her teacher too. She is AWESOME!!! We are planning a weekend together with our husbands but they don't know it yet. LOL NY here we come... if it all pans out it will be the first time we left the kids for a few days. We'll see...
I'll catch ya soon,

Molly said...

Hey Harbisons!
I am getting all of my papers and things ready to take to college and I came across a letter of recommendation that Coach made for me :) It was a silly one that made me laugh. He said he would recommend me if what I was applying for included texting or cooking. He also made a hilarious one for Jordan and poked fun at her too. But, he did write me a very sincere letter that I used in many of my college and scholarship applications. Anyhow :) just a little "funny" I wanted to share with you. Keep going, Coach!