Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 3, 2008 Sunday 2:00 am

Here's some cute pictures of Candace meeting Uncle Will and little Carson. Candace thought it was great fun playing nurse with the gloves and mask. Every time a nurse was in the room, Candace was right there watching everything. She was fascinated when Uncle Will got a shot and he didn't cry. Both kids thought that he needed a "big boy sticker" but the nurses didn't have one so they made one with a band aid. The kids put a happy face on it. So cute.

Here is a good picture of Will playing catch with a soft ball. The kids were afraid that they might hurt Uncle Will so they just placed the ball on Will's bed. Then he threw it to them. It entertained Will a lot more than it entertained the little ones.

Here's just a sweet picture of them hamming it up for the camera. I got some more pictures of us at the zoo with them and at the aquarium. I will put them up in the next day or two, but these were of Will so I thought I would put them up first. I don't know who put that Dr. Pepper in the picture, we are totally a Pepsi family.

So the day went fast because it was dialysis and that's about all that happens on these days. Tom stayed with Will all day so I could go with the kids to the aquarium. I love fish so it was great and it was indoors. The weather here was over 100 degrees, indoors was a good place to be. They took another two liters of fluid off Will but they need to take more. His blood pressure doesn't allow it though. He didn't get a walk in because his stomach was hurting too much. They still are trying different antibiotics on this. Hopefully it will be taken care of soon and he will be feeling better.

We have a favor to ask all of you. Will will be taking some tests on Tuesday afternoon that are pretty important. Please bear with us, we don't want to explain what the tests are right now, but I will on Tuesday night's blog. I know I am sounding mysterious but that's not the intention.
Will just doesn't want people to know until we know the outcome. It is very serious and we are going to ask for a small miracle. Please help us pray for this. Pray also that we have the strength to go through whatever happens. I will let you all know on the blog Tuesday night, well on Wednesday morning's blog. I get so confused with the dates because it's Tuesday for me but you all read it on Wednesday.

Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen
your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Psalm 31:24

We need to remember God answers ALL our prayers in three ways
1) yes
2)not right now
3)I have something better in mind

Faith will see us through all of these trials. The love and mercy of our Lord, Jesus Christ, will give us everything we need.

Have a great Sunday, spend time with your family because family is so precious.

God bless

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Terri for sharing all the pics and info. We will most definitely be praying for Will and the family! Great words to remember as well. Glad you keep reminding me... lol
Love you lots,

Please continue to pray for Martin's mom as well. She gets more results and information on the MRI of her brain tomorrow.