Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday August 11, 2008 1:20 am

Will's been doing so great but today wasn't that great. He was pretty miserable all day. It's because the toxins in the body are very high. He normally goes every other day for dialysis but on the weekend he has to go without for two days-from Friday until Monday. That's just too long. So today we're going to have a talk with the kidney doctors and find out just why he has to wait until Monday.

He only was able to stay off the vent for three hours and he couldn't get up and walk at all. After the wonderful day on Saturday, that was a big let down. He will have dialysis as soon as he wakes up so he will feel better by tomorrow night, even though he will be tired, at least he won't be feeling ill. He says it feels like he has the flu with every muscle and bone hurting. This shouldn't have to happen so I will let you all know why he can't have it on Sunday.

Good news though, Richard White will be leaving the hospital Monday morning. They will stay at the hotel for two nights before they fly home. He's just doing so great. Thank the good Lord.

Dr. Cahill is coming back today so we will see if she has any news for us. We missed her.

I know that we made the right decision for me to go back to teaching but as the time gets closer I don't know about that. Next Sunday is when I will leave because we need to be there on Monday morning. I was telling my good friend, Kim, that I was praying very hard for God to give me the peace to feel good about leaving Will (even though I am leaving him in the best hands of his father). Well, Kim pointed out that God always can give us peace, we just have to let him in to our hearts to receive it---and she is so right. Ever since then I have been feeling better. Hopefully I can hang on to that as the time gets closer. Pray for me please.

Our God is an awesome God and I asked Him to bless all our friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Terri,
Sorry to hear that Will is not feeling great! Did you know that Frasier (Kirsten Merrill, now that is) used to work at a Dialysis Clinic? So anytime you have news about dialysis I call and ask her questions. She always makes me feel better about this process...
Yes, our family has been very blessed with my dad's diagnosis and recovery! However, my thoughts and prayers are now with Chad Loveland, a former classmate of 1999, who just lost his father to pancreatic cancer. He and his wife have two kids a little older than ours, so they need a lot of prayers and support. God needed him as an angel for someone.... please pray for their family during this difficult time!
Hope this finds Will feeling better!