Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29th Friday 12:55am

It's Friday finally. Whoopee. So again stay off the freeway around 3:00 because I will be scootin' up to Salt Lake as soon as I can get away. I talked to Will tonight. He just listens on the speaker phone so I do all the talking which isn't to hard for any of you to believe I'm sure. He walked two times today but still has trouble with his stomach so he doesn't go too far. He did stay off the vent for 12 hours and had a pretty good day. Tomorrow is dialysis again so hopefully Will can walk before they get up to his room. Coach will be there in the morning sometime to visit. Maybe Saturday or Sunday I can get him outside for a trip in the fresh air again.

So the three day weekend is about to start. I hope everyone gets to do something fun. Tom is going to come home and take Candace (Aaron's daughter), Angel and Aaron and probably Carson to the rodeo on Saturday night. If they have pictures I will put some up.

God bless

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Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will!
I hope you have a great visit with Coach today. And keep up the great work staying off the vent. I hope they clear up whatever is bothering your stomach soon.

Terri, have a safe trip to SLC and I send you all very big hugs.

Love you lots!