Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28, 2008 12:15 am

I wish I had some funny thing that happened or something really original---but I don't. It's seeming like he is just doing the same. His stomach is still messed up, he's off the vent about the same, he's walking on the non-dialysis days. I sure hope something changes soon. Will's ready for a big change. Oh wait, there is something different, Will ordered a bowl of canned peaches and he ate some and kept those down. Yea, that is good news.

He slept most of the day because it was dialysis. He did sit up in a chair for about an hour this afternoon. He is looking forward to Friday when coach comes down. I will be going up as soon as school gets over on Friday then Tom will come home for a few days break. I hope he gets to go to the Twin Falls Rodeo on Saturday night. We have a three day weekend so I will get to stay until Monday night and Tom will come back then. It's all working just fine.

Everybody-have a great Thursday and
God bless

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Jessica said...

I'm sure Will will be glad to see him Mom! I know how great dad is, but it's nice to have your mom around.

Well here is a cute story for you from today:
After school when I picked Mason up, there was a little girl in the room with us that I had never met before. She ran over and asked if I was Morgan's mommy, so i said no but this is Mason and I am his mommy. She said hello and Mason looked at her for a minute, then pointed to me and said,
"This is my friend, Mommy!"
I about fell over. It was so sweet!!! One of those moments you won't forget and I had to write it on the calendar. I can't believe he said it at 2!
The things little ones do.... make our days so much brighter! : )