Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday August 20. 2008 7:20 am

I am so sorry, I forgot the blog. But I do have an excuse sort of. I got home so late last night (about 12:30) I just fell into bed. So now I say--Will who??? No I'm just teasing. I remember who he is a little.

He didn't get his PICC line in and they don't know if they will put one in. He's throwing up a lot and we don't know why.
He will be on dialysis today and then maybe the kidney doctors will come in and talk to us.
He walked two times and the morning one was as far as the one he took with me before I left.
He has his Grandma Cherie with him and she even stayed the night. He's in good hands with his dad and grandma.
We haven't seen Dr. Cahill in four days. Did someone kidnap her?????? That's just not like her.
She maybe is saving someone else's life or doing another transplant.

Well, it's my first day of school with the kids and I am so excited. I feel very blessed that I have a job that I love so much.

God bless

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Jessica said...

Hey Terri,
Hope Will feels better soon! We are thinking of him... due to the hurricane our county has opened Martin's elementary school as a Special Needs shelter, so we are staying here tonight. I sat with a little old woman tonight (92 years old) that was all by herself. As we were talking she told me that her husband was an optometrist, 5 years ago he passed away, and she is now losing her eye sight. She told me that she could see my face if I was up close but was not able to see further than a couple of feet. She is SO sweet!
So we were just getting into the swing of things (as far as school goes) and then this storm decided we all needed a little rest I guess. lol
Keep all of our family and friends in your prayers. My friend Becca has been laboring for the last couple of days, but her doctor said she is 2 cm today and could have her baby in 2 hours and a week from now. Hopefully the little one waits until this storm passes!
We'll be in touch soon.
Love to all,