Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17, 2008 Sunday 12:30 am


Here's some pictures of Will's outing. He got to go outside today. It was one of those beautiful days here in Salt Lake City. The wind was blowing just slightly. Will thought it felt great.
The guy in the picture is Tom's brother, Bill, and the lady is Tom's sister, Phyllis (aka Tia). I know the brothers are laughing because I called her a lady. I can hear them now.

The nurse's name is Summer, I know we had another Sumer also. It just fits us well. Will has to stay in the shade because of some of the meds he takes.

They look so serious. These are the two men in my life, I feel so lucky. No, seriously, I do!

Summer, Tom and Will just resting a while before we go back in.

This day might have been Will's best in a long, long time. He walked twice. The first he tied his old world record of 132 steps. The second he broke it, smashed it, pulverized it---162 steps. He even walked about 10 ft. without the use of his walker. Micheal Phelps has nothing on Will. He stayed off the vent for 12 hours and his oxygen needs are getting lower and lower. He even ate some chocolate pudding. It didn't stay down though. We'll try again later. He did say it tasted good.

Today, Sunday, will be another good day I hope. We aren't going to be doing dialysis until tomorrow. Tonight I will be going home to start school on Monday. I feel very peaceful about this. Tom will take good care of Will, no one can do better. I will be back on Friday evening and Grandma Cherie is coming up on Tuesday to stay for a few days to help out Tom. He would be fine without any help but it makes me feel better to know Tom has someone to spell him for a little bit.

God has blessed us and we want to give thanks to the ONE that has given us everything we need. He is with us always.

God bless

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whitehouse said...

Great news and great pictures. It is so good to see you all outside enjoying the outdoors. Will, it is so wonderful to see you looking so good. Well, I am just sitting here by the front door waiting for my wonderul friend to come home. (no, not you Tom) I am so excited to have Terri back in the neighborhood and I especially look forward to the day Will is back to Idaho. Love you all.