Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 27, 2008 Wednesday 1:41 am

Will had a great day yesterday. He walked twice with Tom and walked farther than he has. Way to go, Will. He was off the vent for about 9 hours. He didn't sleep too well last night so he slept in and he didn't get off the vent until 1:00 pm. That's alright because he needs his sleep sometimes more than anything. Will's aunt, Tia, came up from Nevada to spend a couple of days with Tom and Will. She will help a lot.

Sarah (remember Sarah who had her transplant two months before Will) and her father came up to see Will. They had a good visit as they always do. She is just doing fantastic. What another miracle. Now we need one for Tanja. She has been on the list for about ten months now. God, I hope you give her new lungs soon. Amen

I talk to Will on the speaker phone every night so I feel like I'm almost there. He can't talk back but Tom reads his lips and then translates what he says (well, he tries anyway). He said if he could just get his stomach trouble cleared up, he would be feeling so much stronger. Dr. Cahill's new medicine was started today. I didn't ask how long it will be before we see any change.
His blood pressure is still very low so they had him on more medicine today for that. He has dialysis Wednesday but I don't think they will take any fluid off because of the bp but at least the toxins will be gone from his body. Please pray for the stomach mess to be cleared up. Thank you all so much.

My computer has been acting up so I can't seem to download the pictures I promised and as soon as I have a second I will try to fix it. I don't know why I say that because I don't know anything about computers, but sometimes I get just plain lucky and it fixes itself.

God bless

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Jessica said...

Love you Terri!
Thanks for the update... you are all in our thoughts and prayers, especially Will and Tanja!