Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008 Sat. 12:50 am

It's hard to believe but Will has now been in the hospital six months. What an unbelievable journey. Hopefully it won't be for much longer, if we can just get his stomach to work. They are going to try a new medicine Saturday to see if it can coat the inside lining of the stomach and get it working. It seems that is what all the doctors have been trying to do this week-calm down the vomiting so Will can get some rest.

He did have dialysis but they didn't come until later, about 5:30 p m. I asked the dialysis tech if she knew what time they would be by tomorrow but she said they don't have him on the list for tomorrow. The drs. said it would be Mon., Wed., Fri., and Saturday. So I don't know if he will have any Saturday or maybe they will wait until Sunday. Who knows???? They were only able to get about half a liter today. His blood pressure went down too far.

Grandma Cherie left for home around noon. Will told me tonight that she was really good and not just because she rubbed his feet and head. I am so lucky she was able to be here this week. It really helped my separation anxiety. Thanks Grandma so much, we love you.

We had a surprise visit from the Andrus family (all except Jody) Marilyn, Dawn and Keri came into the room while Kevin and Troy watched the little ones in the waiting room. It was a great visit for all of them. Those two girls and Will are very close and they caught him up on some news of their lives and other stuff. They had him smiling a lot.

Well let me tell you how happy I am to be back up in SLC with Will and Tom. Hopefully I can get Tom to just disappear for awhile so he doesn't get too burned out. I loved being back in the classroom though. I wonder what the drs. would think if I asked them to put Will's hospital bed in the back of my classroom.

Coach and Donna are coming up this morning. They are bringing some friends. This will be a good visit for Will, I'm sure. Please pray for Will's stomach to be fixed. It will happen soon and then watch out world, here comes Will.

God bless

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Anonymous said...

Love you all lots! Will, hang in there, I just know the drs are going to iron everything out soon. Terri you are such an awesome MOM! Both of your kids and your students are lucky to have you. You are all in our prayers during this transition time.

Talk to you soon