Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8, 2008 Friday 12:45 am

It was a good, good day in the Will Harbison hospital room.
We met with the Doctor from the Moran Eye Center that helps with vision impaired adults. Dr. Julia had so many great ideas and information for us. She got some of the paper work started that helped us be able to get some things that will help Will right now. We were able to go to the State library for the blind and get some "talking" books checked out to us. Then we went over to the vision impaired services and they were able to hook us up to a few things that we needed now. Dr. Julia also will start the paper work for us when we get back to Idaho so we can get some of the services that Will will need. She stayed with us for a couple of hours and then she went back to her office and got on the phone and founds things we needed and within an hour and a half she was back letting us know what she found out. What a great person she is, very happy. Will was very, very encouraged about the help that is out there.

Coach and Donna were here for the meeting and then Will walked. He walked 102 steps today, the longest he's gone yet. And the best news----he stayed off the vent for 12 and 1/2 hours!!! So things are going great with all that. He still has that dumb bug in his gut but maybe there might be some improvement there also. Coach and Donna stayed with him while Tom and I went to get the things that Dr. Julia was talking about. Donna gave Will a couple of foot rubs. He was very happy. Brent and Stacy will be down tomorrow.

Now I need to clarify something. When we said that yesterday about Will wanting the new ref job-he was teasing. He has many, many friends that are refs and they can see very well. But, you know there are some out there that I think Will can probably do a better job than they can. We didn't want to hurt any of Will's friends when we said that and I hope everyone takes it with a good sense of humor. Refs--please don't take it out on our Jerome teams :)

We need our prayer warriors to help us out again. Our really, really, good friend, Richard White goes in for surgery in Houston, Texas today at 10:30 am. He has some cancer in his lung and they are going to take that part of his lung out. He will be in the hospital a few days and then he will be home. Please pray that they get all the cancer and he heals quickly. Richard, if you reading this, we love you lots and God will take care of you. Rest easy, you're in good hands down there.

Thank you for the support and love you show us constantly.
God bless

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whitehouse said...

Hello Harbisons from one hosptial to another. It is so much more fun when we are all together in the same hospital. It is just not as exciting at this hospital, they need the Harbison clan to get things going. I can't even find anyone as loud as Jeff Jester to hang out with, however I have found some snorers (sorry Charyl) :) :)

Thank you for all the prayers. We both can't wait to see you all and especially look forward to all being back in good old Hagerman.