Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7, 2008 Thursday 12:45 am

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who has responded to yesterday's blog. The comments and emails were so comforting to our family and Will appreciated all of them. Today we are meeting with a doctor who will tell us what we can be doing to assist Will with his vision impairment. There are lots of things to go through. I will share some with you tomorrow.

Well, this was a dialysis day and Will got off three liters of fluid again. He did walk first and he walked a long way, 96 steps. Coach and Donna Clark came up tonight to visit with Will and stay the night. They will come to the meeting in the morning with the doctor so they can help us get things started in Idaho for Will. Besides I don't think Coach trusts me to take care of his best friend as well as he can. They will go back home this afternoon sometime. Then his brother, Brent and Stacy Clark are coming up Friday morning. So this will be a good visiting time for Will. I think he needed it too.

Most of you will really enjoy this. Coach and Will were talking and Coach was explaining that there are still some things that Will could do still for a job. Will told Coach that he already figured out what he could do--He would be a ref. How FUNNY! Then Kim, Brent and Brenda all said that he would probably be the best in the Magic Valley. (except for Chris Waitley, of course). That is so like Will to come up with something funny at this point. Humor is Will's middle name.

God bless all our friends and family.


Erin said...

Just wanted to say hi and let you know you're in my prayers. Good luck on the new career choice!! I agree 100%! Lost my voice quite a few times yelling at Ty's games and Whit's games. : ) Keep my parents in line for me ok Will? Hope you have a good day! Love, Erin

Lthsldy said...

Will, Terri, Tom, Angel...

I'm sure the last few months have been difficult, but know that we have been praying for full healing and acceptance.

I don't think that many people knew that Mom struggled with vision problems including glaucoma, cateracts, complications from diabetes and cancer drugs. The day that she had to give up keeping the basketball score book was very difficult. We will never know the true depths of the inner struggles she had with losing her sight, but I'm confident that Will does. Will meant a lot to her; so I'm sure she is pulling every string in her angel network to help Will.

Acceptance of the situation is a huge step in the healing process. We know that you will all move on and that each of us who knows Will will learn something from this challenge--Will is a great teacher and no stranger to medical miracles. Rest easy knowing that we are all behind you and continue to pray for healing.

Blessings and love, Pam

Jessica said...

Terri tell Will that I think his idea of being a ref is AWESOME! He made me laugh out loud!
Been thinking and praying for you tons... I was in meetings yesterday so I hurried and read the blog before I got in trouble by my trainers. Obviously didn't get brave enough to respond...Martin already got in trouble for multi-tasking.... figured I wouldn't push my luck. lol
Coach I have to admit you are really awesome and Will is lucky to have you on his team!!! Wish I was there to help...
Wow, Chris Waitley's name is one I haven't heard forever... Amazing how people have all come together with your Harbison Family. You all are really outstanding!
Well I love you all... I believe in miracles, so continue to fight Will! We've already seen miraculous events, which seem to continue to unfold! I'll be in touch soon~ Terri have Tom give you a bear hug from the kids and I.... that's Mason's favorite thing to do now! He's found out that it delays bedtime as long as he holds on tight. lol