Friday, August 15, 2008

August 15, 2008 Friday 12:32 am

Great night for the USA in the gold medals!!

Well, Will set new records also. I told you that today was going to be a better day and it was. He just felt better all around. He walked farther than he has with 132 steps. But that's not all-- he also stayed off the vent (drum roll please...........) 13 hours and 7 min. So the real Gold goes to Will Harbison yea!!!!!!

It's so easy to have fun when Will is feeling well. Dr. Cahill was pleased with the progress. When she's happy, everybody's happy.

Today Coach and Erin, Coach's daughter, are coming for a visit. I hope that dialysis won't wipe him out too much that he won't enjoy their visit. So everyone enjoy the Olympics and be really glad it's Friday. Angel and I start school on Monday. Where did the summer go??

Richard and Kim White are home safe and sound. Things couldn't have gone smoother. Thank our good Lord and thank all of you that were praying for our good, good friend.

We have such funny nurses here. They wanted to see the Olympics when the USA girls were doing the floor exercises and when Phelps was winning his 110th gold medal (I'm not really sure if that number is right, but it's gotta be close because that's the only name you ever hear when they announce the swimming). So every time it was on I had to run out of Will's room and tell them that he was coughing and choking. Then they came running in to "help" --it really worked, nobody knew why all the nurses were in Will's room. Other patients probably were thinking that we had one really sick person in here.

God bless and keep you all safe.

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Culley's said...

Congratulations on the high marks.
Will. Awesome! You're a Gold Medal Winner in our books.
Terri & April - Best of Luck to you both as you start your new year of school with kids not ready for summer to be over yet either. What a challenge. We'll keep up the prayers. You two will really need them the first week or two.
- M