Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday August 9, 2008 1:15 am

The Olympics Opening Ceremony was so awesome. I hope everyone watched it. The USA team looked so sharp.

But not as sharp as Will has been looking lately. This last week has brought a big improvement. He's getting stronger and I think it's because they are taking off the fluid. Just in this last week they have taken off 10 liters-that's 22 pounds!!! He's a lean, mean fighting machine (well, almost). Brent and Stacee went to the Salt Lake Bees game last night and brought back Will a foam finger. We decided it needed to get on the blog. Great picture, huh?
Our neighbor, Richard White, had his cancer surgery yesterday and he's doing great. He's joking and trying to break all the rules. But don't worry everyone, Kim is there to keep him in line. We want to send up praise to God that they didn't find any other cancer than the one spot that they took out. He'll be home before we know it. Thanks for all the prayers for him.
In other news, I am at our apartment typing this blog. Yes, I finally felt it was time to leave Will at night. So you all should know that he's doing better if I'm able to do that. It's been 5 1/2 months since he hasn't had anyone with him. He's in great hands with one of his favorite nurses, Tora. She is so positive with him and he needs that sometimes. He's probably sleeping just fine and I will probably be playing games on my computer all night because it's way tooooooo quiet to sleep here. Where's all the beeps and hallway noise?? Brent and Stacee will be back up this morning. They had a great visit last night and Will's sense of humor is totally back. He got Brent a few times and that's hard to do. Things are looking great around the Harbison Hospital.
God bless


whitehouse said...

Great work Will!! I thought you were kidding when you told me it was me or nobody for the night shift. :) Terri, if I knew you were going to stay at the apartment tonight I would of have flown you to Texas to hang out with me for the night. These people never sleep around these hospitals. Terri you will be pround of me, I was unable to sleep last night so i rearranged the furniture last night around 1:00 a.m. Richard did not even act surprised. What is a women to do in these places all night. :) Thank you for all the prayers. We hope you have another awesome day.

Remeber Will I'm watching, always watching so keep up the great work. Love you all and miss you lots.

Coach said...

Will,I hope you had a restful night. I'm sure you did since your Mom wasn't there to keep asking you questions all night. It was probably your best night of rest in months.
I am continually amazed at your inner strength and the way you and your family continue to fight through all the obstacles that are thrown at you. As I always say you are the toughest person I have ever meant. There has only been one other person to walk on this Earth tougher than you and we all know who that was. (no Kim I'm not talking about you)
Thanks for the visit and for letting Donna and me sit in on your meeting with Julia. What a fantastic person.
Keep your back scratcher handy while Brent is there. I'll see you Friday. Have a great week.
P.S. Kim and Richard we are soooo happy the surgery went well. Kim I had to set up pipe alone yesterday, plese get home soon.