Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 9, 2008 Sunday 2:06 am

Here's to another night in my apartment. Will did really well last night on his own, it's so good for him to be able to know that he's getting better, so much so, that Mom can leave. He's in good hands up there.

Brent and Stacee came this morning and took Will for a walk down the hall. Of course, Brent felt that he had to do better than when Will walked with Coach. The competition is fierce between the brothers. Too bad that Will's caught in the middle. Just kidding. So Will did 102 steps for Coach, then this morning for Brent he did 114. Then Brent and Stacee went to Park City while Will had a good nap. When they came back they stopped back by and told Tom and I to go to dinner. So we did and when we came back, Will wanted to take another walk. Tonight he walked 124 steps. Look at the improvement in just one afternoon.

Hagerman here we come, well, not just quite yet----but soon.

I think Dr. Cahill comes back today but maybe it's tomorrow. She will be so surprised how well Will is doing. We like to surprise her like that.

Richard White is doing well in Texas. He's healing so fast but then he was pretty healthy to begin with. Their biggest gripe down there is that they are both soooooo bored. Neither one is used to being still. So when Kim told us that she rearranged the furniture in the hospital room, I believe her. Keep it up Richard and then you can come up here and tell Will the secret of how to get out of a hospital. We hope everyone has a great Sunday, don't forget it's a day of rest so go fishing.

God bless and we miss all of you.


Brenda n Lance said...

It is so nice to know that you are making major progress every day now. The blog made my day today! Keep up the good hard work. We will see you soon.
Brenda, Lance & Kids

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will,
I'm so happy to hear the news. Great job with the walking progress. You do look great! Stay strong and keep up the progress.
You're thought of every day.

MJ said...

Great Job Will! Sounds like Brent is in the lead... Thank you for all the prayers for my dad! He sounds really good, but I'm not sure it's fair to Kim and I that he has an epidural and we didn't get one through two births. They must have to do that for men.. LOL Just kidding Dad! I know how strong you are...
Terri, I could totally see Kim arranging the furniture in the hospital. Can't tell you how many times I came home from school and the living room would be all turned around. It always looked great though, she better watch out or they may want to hire her there to decorate!
But thanks again, I know the prayer chain has made the difference and we are SO blessed!
Have a great day!

Somer Love said...

hmmm day of rest go fishing????

Terri I think your idea of rest and mine are a bit different :)

Will I am so proud of you keep up the GREAT work!!!

Molly said...

Wohooo! Go coach Will,
Your doing awesome! Keep taking those walks and keep getting stronger.
Lightning :)

Fabbi's said...

Hi Will, We are so happy you are doing and feeling better! Hurry up and get home to Hagerman, the boys have A LOT of stories to tell you. They ask about you a lot.
Keep up the hard work, we think of you everyday and can't wait to see you.
You are such a great example to my boys. Thank you!
Love, John, Aundi, Cody and Camron

Tanja said...

Hi Will!

This is Tanja (Eichelberger) Kroeker. I just found out about your blog site and wanted to let you know you are in my prayers! You look awesome! You have always been an inspiration! There are a lot of us out here that send prayers your way!