Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008 Tuesday 1:20 am

What a great birthday I had. I know it's not all about me but really it was so good. Some very good friends of mine got me a ticket to the Gaither's Homecoming Concert in Boise and it was a fabulous show. If you haven't seen them, do so or go on youtube. You won't be sorry. It was fun because we had a tailgate party before the show. Everybody brought some food (except me) and we ate and ate. Good, good times that I won't forgot for a long time. We're such party animals that we didn't get home until 12:30 am. Those of you that sent you birthday wishes and cards--thank you so much. I have so many wonderful people in my life.

Okay enough about me, Will was doing okay after having dialysis but they had to give him some blood pressure medicine because his bp got way too low-73/30. But it came right up after that so no worries. He's having a little more trouble with his stomach today than he has for a few days. Dr. Cahill will start him on something new in the morning and hopefully that will help a little. I just pray and pray that they find something that will help, this has been going on too long.

Tom said that Will got off the vent for awhile but he didn't tell me how long. Tomorrow should be a really good day what with having dialysis today. Hopefully there will be several walks.

God bless

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Jessica said...

Thank for the updates Terri!

Hang in there Will! They've got to be getting close to finding something to help you feel better.... maybe it's PEPSI?

Love ya all! Hugs and Prayers coming your way...
Jess and Fam