Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 20, 2008 1st day of school 11:16 pm

This was Will's dialysis day but he didn't get it until 6:30 tonight. They are so short handed down there. Because he didn't have the dialysis until later, he was sick pretty much the whole day. They do try so hard to get to everybody but what can they do? Will didn't try walking today or getting off the vent. He just wasn't feeling well so Tom didn't push it which I'm glad. It's so easy for us to say, "Will you gotta walk" but we're not the one with all those toxins in our blood system. If Will could do it he would have. Tomorrow will surely be a better day and I hope they get a handle on all his vomiting and nauseousness.

The kidney doctors finally came in and told Tom and Grandma Cherie that they are going to have to do dialysis 4 times a week now. He's getting so much in his tube feeds and three times a week just can't clear his blood out. So we think it will be on Mon, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We'll see if that helps.

They have done some other tests and have found an enlarged spleen and something wrong with his liver. This is due to the CF and not the transplant. (I don't know what difference that makes to Will, but I wanted to clarify that). They do have medicine that they have started already so we pray that that will be fixed. They still have not put in the PICC line and I don't think they are going to for awhile. They took the old one out so the infection is getting cleared up.

We still haven't seen Dr. Cahill--if any of you have her, send her home. She is missed greatly.

My first day of teaching was today and I feel very happy to be back in the classroom. I am so torn but there's nothing that I can do up in SLC that isn't being done so I am in the right place.
Tom is very, very happy that Grandma is up there helping to take care of Will. She stayed with him all night last night and the morning, then she went home to the apt. and took a short nap and was back up there again and will stay the night. She gives really good head rubs and feet rubs so Will is very happy too. Will, I will be back in a couple of days but I know I don't do all of that as good as Grandma does.

I am typing this on my home computer and I look up, on my wall is taped a message that someone sent to me a long, long, long time ago. It reads:


I hope someone that is reading this blog can benefit from these words like I have, especially "Trust God."

God bless


Jen Holtzen said...

Terri-congrats on your first day back at school. I hope you had a great new backpack (oops, teachers probably don't get excited about those things like my kiddos!) Here's to hoping that four days of dialysis a week will be great for Will. Sounds like he is doing fine in SLC, I'm kind of thinking that if Grandma is that good at head/foot rubs maybe she can stop by Jerome on her way home...
Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk and Dax

Anonymous said...

Amen Terri! It is all in His hands... we hope Will feels better soon. We are doing good here. Bunnell Elem (Martin's School) is still a shelter but we came home tonight because although the storm is right above us and all the counties around us have closed school for tomorrow, we are still going to be open for learning! Yeah!!!! That was our email tonight... The eye of the storm was over us for over 12 hours today so we got mists of rain but nothing too damaging which was great because it allowed time for drainage. We'll see what we get over night.
Thinking about you and school.... loving being back too!
We'll keep you informed,