Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 6, 2008 midnight Wednesday

So everyone’s wait is over and we can give out our news. It’s been a very long and trying day. Sorry, it’s not the best news and we want to apologize for keeping you in the dark. The best way to do this is for me to start from the beginning.

During Will’s surgery for his new lungs, things went terribly wrong. Fluid built up in his body and caused it not to accept the bypass machine that would help him breathe while taking the old lungs out. They couldn’t keep his oxygen level up so things didn’t look good. We were told to prepare for the worse but Will being who he is, just kept fighting and with the prayers of everyone, he lived. Then when he was in the coma, the Drs. said he would probably be brain dead. This scenario went on for a few days until Will woke up one morning and proved them wrong again. (We know again was what did that) After a few weeks under a lot of sedating medication I noticed Will wasn’t tracking people that came into the room.

I sought the LORD, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4 (New International Version)

Here comes the bad part. Will lost almost all of his vision during surgery. We have known about this since then but without having a full exam we didn’t know if there was anything that could be done to help. Today was the full exam and there isn’t anything that can be done medically. He has about 25% of his vision in his lower right eye and that’s all. Thank you for all your prayers, God just decided to answer them later or there is going to be something a lot better for Will. We are all just so happy that Will is still alive.

The reason that he hasn’t wanted people to know is that, first---he didn’t want any sympathy. You all know Will and the kind of guy he is, he hates sympathy. Second reason—he has a ball team that had senior girls that he was very, very close to. He didn’t want them to have to think about Will’s situation in the final months of their high school year. That’s not how he wanted their senior year to end up, he loves them a lot and they love him.

What this means for his life we are not sure. God knows and we need to remember that. We do want to thank God that he has some vision. He can see some shadows on the right side and he sees color in that area. We will work with what he does have. The Moran Eye Center doctor, who was great, is hooking us up with a specialist for low vision people and we’re sure there will be aids that will help us in some areas.

Will has asked me to tell everybody, “I appreciate all the good wishes and prayers that are being said for me.” “Things could be worse, I could have lost all my vision.”

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Doesn’t that sound just like him? That should answer a few questions about what has been happening up here. There is a lot of things that have changed so Will needs someone to stay with him overnight. I’m sure people have been wondering why I stay every night and now you know.

We have tried very hard to keep people in the “dark” until school was out. I had to be careful because people were sending us pictures and Will couldn’t see them. So I just said he really appreciated them, which he did. The NBA Championship games he couldn’t watch (because he can’t see TV) so I had to be careful on how I said it on the blog so I wasn’t lying. He hasn’t been encouraging people to come see him because he didn’t want people to know. Now it’s all out in the open and we can just be normal.

Will will be all right because he is who he is. “WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY.” God knew what would be happening in his life. He was preparing Will all this time so he could be ready for this. A few people are going to be feeling that this is so UNFAIR—which is what Tom and I felt when we found out also. Well, life isn’t fair and Will has had plenty in his life already so why add more?? Again, we all need to have faith in God’s works. He has a reason for this. Who knows, maybe someday Will will be the first person to have his nerves in his eyes repaired---ya never know. His whole life will be changed but he has such a great support group---all of you and most importantly he has his faith in our Lord. God will never forsake him.

Cast your cares on the LORD
and he will sustain you;
he will never let the righteous fall.
Psalm 55:22 (New International Version)

I found a prayer from a book of prayers that I kept and I guess this is the reason why I kept it because it fits perfectly:

Lord, your Word has such healing power. Thank you for the promise that no matter how dark our days can be, You will never let us be lost or separated from Your love and care. You will never allow us to suffer more than we can bear! Even more, You comfort us through Your Holy Spirit and save us from having despairing hearts.

I hope that those of you that are so sad right now will find comfort in these words. Will will have many tough days ahead of him but he will do just fine.
Will is one of the toughest!
P.S. This has been a very hard blog to write. I’m sorry for the rambling. Tom, Angel and I are very glad that Will has such a great community and family that will help him through this time. You can write any comments for Will on this blog and I will see that he gets them. Or, if you don’t want to do that, you can email me and I will read them to him. harbisonterri@hotmail.com

God bless and keep the faith.


Culley's said...

Will- Keep up the good work. You are still an inspiration to all of us. This challange does not change anything about how we feel about you and your accomplishments. You are an awesome kid & there is more yet to be done. God isn't finished with you yet & we have witnessed many miracles already thru you & your family. I was worried that what you had to say was a major setback and I am relieved that you are steadily getting stronger. In our lives, my brother had 2 corneal transplants done. We know not what the future will bring and so many new things have been invented just lately & more advances are to come. Will, just keep doing what you've been doing & leave the rest to God. The power of prayer is a beautiful thing. Our wishes & prayers are always with you. You set the bar high! Must be the athlete in you

whitehouse said...

Good Morning Harbisons. We just want to say we love you and love the amazing light you are to this world.

Katie Lardy said...

Just writing to say you are truly loved and continue to be in my prayers.
Keep up the great work you're doing and I hope you have a great day today.

Donna said...

You are one amazing guy. There are many athletes out there who think they are big and tough and can overcome anyone or anything, but they don't know the true meaning of the word "tough". I often think of you as a track and field hurdler who has had to jump over so many hurdles in your lifetime. Sometimes you fall down, but you always get right back up and continue on because you are determined to finish the race. I guess this is another hurdle you will have to jump over and God knew if anyone could handle it, it would be you. I just want you to know that your "hurdle crew" will be there to help you over this one.
Love, Donna

Hide.. Literally! said...

Will - I read your everyday religiously. I've been up to the hospital several times and when there find myself wanting to just shake your hand. What you have been through and continue to perserviere through is amazing. When we told to pray and pray extra hard my first reaction was "Dear God, Please please don't let it be lung rejection.." When I read the blog at work this morning it was almost a relief. Not being able to see must be a little disappointing - but there are thousands out there doing it everyday that aren't as strong and phenomenal as you are. I think you and the rest of the world could handle you not being able to see 100% but I don't think anyone could survive without you. You have taught so many, so many things. You are in my contined prayers as is your amazing family...

~B~ said...

Aunt Terri, I know how you've been dreading this entry in the blog. I hope now that it's out there you can find some relief.

And Will, there is no room for sympathy in our hearts, because they are too full of wonder and awe. Who would have guessed those days so long ago when we were booby-trapping the cupboard doors with firecrackers or securing the kitchen sink sprayer with rubberbands, that you would turn out to be so much more than my friend and playmate. You are my inspiration and my hero in every sense of the word.

Luv you guys.

Jen Holtzen said...

Will, I've prayed and prayed that the "news" Terri had for us wouldn't be unsurmountable. You have had some tough luck for sure, but you are such an amazing person. I know that even though your vision is less than perfect, you will make the best of this situation. I guess I am kind of happy to hear that the "news" wasn't life threatening, just life changing, which isn't always bad. I will continue to pray hard for you, we are always in amazement of what you do every day. KEEP SMILING! Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk, and Dax.

Mindy Lou said...

Morning Family! Will, I want you to know that you can do more with 25% then all of us could do with what we have. That's who you are, always turning what you have into much much more. B said it best "And Will, there is no room for sympathy in our hearts, because they are too full of wonder and awe." Continue the good work and know that you are loved!

Toni Mendive said...

Harbisons: I can't imagine what God has in store for all of you in the afterlife because you keep passing and surpassing all of his trials. Hmmm...I wonder what great things he's planning for Will when he gets home!!
My prayers will continue always.

Molly said...

You are truly my hero. How unselfish it was for you and your family to keep this a secret so we wouldn’t worry…wow. Coach, everyone who knows you are truly blessed. I am so honored to say that I have had the privilege to be coached by you but, more importantly, have you as my friend. It hurts my heart to know you have one more obstacle, but I know you will, and already have, found someway to put this challenge behind you and focus on what’s ahead for you. I love you Coach!

Somer Love said...

Terri I hope you are feeling better now that this post is over with.

Will you are still in my thoughts and prayers and I know in time the docs will have some new device to help your vision. Remember God answers all prayers he answered all of ours for this eye test with a not quite yet :)


Molly said...
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Thunder said...

I will defiantly agree with Molly..you are my hero. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to be coached by you. You taught me more than just how to play basketball. Thank you for everything. You were more than just a coach to me. I know you can pull through this. I love you to death.