Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nov. 12, 2008 Wednesday

This is Will in clothes!! Coach is down to visit and Will put on sweat pants and a shirt. I can't believe it. I haven't seen him with clothes on in almost 9 months. Wow. I will be expecting him in his real clothes when I get up there right after school tomorrow. We have another meeting at 4. I just keep staring at the picture (no, Coach, I'm not looking at you), Will looks so great. I hope all you friends (specially the ones from U of U) can see this. I know there is a way to get videos on this blog so I will try to do that soon.

Doesn't Coach look so proud, he thinks Will is doing all this exercising just for him. Well, I hate to burst his bubble (well, maybe I don't mind bursting his bubble) but they would make him do this no matter who is there. Sorry Coach, it has nothing to do with you. Will's neck muscles are still weak from being in bed all this time so that's why his head is down like that. He's been doing exercises to strengthen them.

Will rode the bike for about five minutes again but then Joel, Will's physical therapist, put a belt around Will's waist and had him pull Joel around on a wheeled chair. I don't think Will thought that was fair. Later in the afternoon he walked a little and then went down and rode for another five minutes. It is so amazing how well Will does when we can get the fluid off.

Kim and Richard and Riley and Hayley came up for a quick visit tonight. They couldn't believe how well Will looked. He's just doing wonderful. All the moving and exercising is really working well. I think the company is really helping too.

Tomorrow Danny and AnnMarie are coming from Utah to visit for a couple of days. Will is really excited. It will be nice because then I can see them too since I will be up there.


I would be remiss in my education calling if I didn't acknowledge the Veterans that have helped keep our country free. My students had to write a letter to all the Veterans and thank them. They turned out so cute. I made a big bulletin board with them and then they had big yellow stars that they wrote the names of the veterans from their family. That went up on the board also. We have a few people from Bliss (where I teach) that are fighting overseas and I am going to make copies to send to them so they can read how much they are appreciated. I hope that all of you took time to thank a vet today. Where would we be without them???? (This is where you ponder for a moment). There, now my teaching is done.

God bless all of our veterans, not just today but everyday.


Deej said...

Uncle Willie! I miss you and love you so much! If you don't know who this is this is Dani! I miss all of your family and I have so much to tell you! I will ALWAYS be praying for you and your family. LOVE YOU GUYS

Nichole Rammell said...

Will you look so good!! Mr. Clark, you look so grey! No offense, I have to dye mine! Terri you are doing a great job with the blog, i check it everyday! Love ya all!!Nichole

Lthsldy said...

Well aren't you looking well in that picture, Will (I would never say that about Randy!) You are going to be out of there soon at this rate. You keep up the great work.

I'm still hurt that you would give Miss Gregg and I bail money this last weekend. We'll discuss that when we see you. I'm thinking detention is in order!!

We are so proud of your progress.


Haneys said...

You still clean up well! I bet it was a lot harder than it used to be...the things we take for granted... Good to read that you are so active lately and I can only hope and pray that can continue...I'm sure you feel tons better when you're able to get exercise. Enjoy all of your visits, too! All our love!

KarenD said...

Will, you look great! I have been away from work for almost 3 weeks so I am reading all of the entries since Oct. 31st. I am so excited to see the progress you have made since you left here. We all miss you alot but know the reason you are not here is because you are getting better. I think of you too every time I see Dallas play. I know what a fan you are. Keep up the good work. Hello Terri and Tom. You guys are awesome!
Karen. HCA U of U