Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov. 24, 2008 Monday


Here's pictures of my family. My sister, Mickey, is left of Will. My niece, Missy is on the right of Will. My mom, the short one, is pushing Will's IV pole and little Jeffrey, my great-nephew, is helping. We had a good visit. They will be going back to California the day after Thanksgiving but his will be the only time they can see Will.

This is a picture of my sweet mom with her contraption on her arm. She hasn't been able to get up here because of her shoulder surgery. She was so shocked. She even cried when she saw Will walk.

Here's another picture of our family from California. They were so excited seeing Will. He looks good in red, doesn't he?

He had a lazy Sunday but we all need those now and then. I want to apologize to our Jerome basketball girls. I still haven't figured out the workings of my new camera. I know I'm doing something wrong and I will work on it over the Thanksgiving break and get a video up then. They are great pictures.

I only teach two days this week and then I'm back up to Boise again. Yea.
Won't be long now with God's good blessings.
God bless

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Jessica said...

Awesome news!!!! Great family pictures... it's always nice to have family visit. Will you look great and I'm sure your family is so excited to see you up and about! I am SO proud of you!!!!!!
Please keep Martin and all our family in your prayers. His grandmother will probably pass on within the week, so please pray for her to go peacefully as well. She turned 90 this August and has let us know that it is her time. Bless her heart! She has fought for a long time and seen a lot in 90 years.
We have lived next door to her for the last four years so it will be a tough not seeing her smiling face every day! Of course we are mostly worried about the kids and how they will handle it. Jesalyn and her cousin Ciera are very close to her!
Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving...