Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov. 14, 2008 Friday

Here's one of our night nurses, Coleen. She's such a nut, when I told her to get a picture with Will, she was trying to do a crazy pose but I couldn't get my camera to take a picture, at least until she was being nice and "normal" Darn it. She does fit right in with this family though.
Here's AnnMarie with Will. She kept holding his hand but Danny didn't like it. Tough luck, Danny boy. She taking back with her tomorrow a good report to the University of Utah staff. Will had a lot of people asking her to find out how he is being treated and if he's getting everything he needs. Well, now they will rest easier.

I love this picture of Will because this was taken about 7 tonight and he had been off the vent for about 15 hours. I asked if he would let his cousins, Danny and Shannon, and Will's girlfriend (oops, I mean Danny's girlfriend) see him walk. He said okay but just a little one. Well, he walked all around the unit again. That's the first time I have gotten to see that long of walk. He looked fantastic!!! I still am getting teary-eyed. So, in this picture is Shannon, on the left. Next to him in back of Will is Danny and then of course sweet AnnMarie.

This is another great picture. The cousins and AnnMarie with Will on his walk. They had gotten Will a jacket from Cabella's (sp?) Even though he was hot, Will wanted to take a picture with the jacket on. They had so much fun together. They had Will smiling ear-to-ear with some of their stories. I really felt sorry for AnnMarie, but she's a lot tougher than you can imagine.

This last picture is strictly all for Danny. He was goofing off with a waist tie of Will's and he didn't think I would take his picture---he was pretending he was Kung Fu Panda, or something like that. So of course it goes on the blog so everyone from Utah can see what a nerd he really is. You're secret is finally out Danny. Sorry
Will's day was better than yesterday for sure. I went back up to Boise so I could visit and get his CT results. His lungs look better than we were expecting so that is such good news and I really, really want to thank you all for your prayers. They really worked wonderful ways today. We really need to listen to Him when He is trying to tell us things. Being human and a mother, it's very hard. Thank you God, for helping me be quiet and listen. Our God has such a great plan for Will, I just know it. Just look at the miracles He has allowed to happen already.
Will's trip to St. Als (hospital) where they did the CT went very smoothly. Will was very nervous because they were making the trip without the vent with him, just with oxygen. He didn't know if that was a very smart thing to do. Everything went well, so know he knows he doesn't need the vent that close all the time. Another milestone we can check off.
The doctors decided that Will needs more fluid off than what he's getting. Tonight he was back on dialysis again, then again tomorrow. This should help his breathing and he's going longer off the vent. He's really looking so much better, I wish the pictures would do that justice.
So I will be back up to Boise tomorrow for the weekend and Tom will be heading back here. He is going to try to go to the Jerome Girls' Basketball game. He likes to go so he can represent Will there. Then he will come back and tell Will all about it.
Grandma and Grandpa came up today and we had a good visit. They did Will's laundry and brought it up. How's that for maid service? Billie and Matt came up for a minute but they said they would come back up tomorrow when things aren't that crazy.
Tomorrow my class earned a pajama party for being good. So I let them bring their pjs and we watch a movie and eat popcorn in the afternoon. Sounds like a great time and I bet you all want to come join us. Come on over.
I hope you all are looking forward to your weekend. I know I sure am.
God bless

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Lthsldy said...

Will - I'm so proud of you. There is very little that is keeping you here in Boise. I know you want those clothes and coat on to jet right out of there. It's all up to you now. We all know you can do it and WILL do it soon! There is absolutely nothing standing in your way. You are stronger than you are allowing yourself to be. You proved yesterday that you don't need that ventilator. I can't wait to read daily that you are going longer and longer without it and eventually without it!!!

You'll be back in Hagerman before you know it!!!

Terri and Tom - You are such role models for all of us. Thank you for your continued love and support of Will. You are incredible!