Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nov. 6, 2008 Thursday 1:09 am

Boy, that was a quick trip up to see Will. I stayed later than I expected though, and it's definitely time for us to get out our winter coats.
The meeting was all about how well he has been the last three days. I hope I have been letting you all know that already. We had a few issues that we wanted to discuss with the doctor but he wasn't able to be there so they will get back to us. Will walked to the end of the hallway again today and he stayed off the vent for about 11 hours. He sat up in the chair for a long time, too. What a fabulous improvement!

So I get up to Boise and Will gets sick--no, really (I think he must be allergic to me). I was so excited to see him doing so well, too. When I got up there he just started his dialysis so he wasn't wanting to visit too much. I knew after he was finished that he would visit then. So sometime during the dialysis he spiked a fever. I don't know why but it started to go up. About 8 tonight it was about 103.6. He was just so cold, he was shaking. So they called the doctor and Will had some antibiotics going in his IV. When I left it was just about 100, so it was going down. Tom said he would stay with him for a couple more hours. I just talked to Tom and he said his fever broke and he was sleeping really well. Tom was headed to Dad house to sleep.

We did call our niece, Missy, and wish her a Happy Birthday tonight. She and Will are the same age. They are going to try to come from California to visit us during the Thanksgiving break.

Well, we will pray that the fever was just one of those freaky things that Will does to get my old heart pumping. Angel and Aaron are going to come up to Boise tomorrow night to go to Candace's parent teacher's meeting. Then they are going over to see Will. It's been awhile since they have seen him. Hopefully they will see a big improvement.

God bless and please pray that the fever doesn't come back. Thank you all so much.


Coach said...

Will, I am going to hire a security guard to put by your door so your Mother does not come into your room. She can call but will not be allowed to visit you in person. I already have two security guards hired. Jason and Preston. When they need a day off Coach Matthews will be there. I don't think you will have to worry about anyone getting by those three guys.
I hope your fever stays away. Keep walking and riding the eliptical and you will be home soon.
I hope you have a good day.
I'll see you Tuesday.

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Hello Will and Wills family,
Dang that is good to be off the vent that long.. walking and sitting in the chair.. Im so glad to hear that.. Yahoo Yip Yip!!
To answer your questions Terri, I really dont to to many things during the day, I dont want to expose myself to all the sick people, its that time of the year.. I do workout everyday.. We have a gym downstairs.. its nice!! This no O2 stuff is great.. Will will be at the same place I am I know it!!
Take care & God bless