Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sunday Nov. 2

Sadie and Coby (I finally spelled it right) came back up today to visit Will again. Oh, and their parents, Billie and Matt. Sadie is just fascinated with the hospital. Here she is just sitting and watching what's happening with Will. I showed her the little oxymeter (to measure his oxygen level) that's on his finger and told her it was to make sure that he was breathing okay. She looked over at that and told Will that's he's breathing real good. Then she told Will that he was her best friend. Can we have a big AWE!!!!

She is so smart for a three years old. I hope this picture can be opened up because if you look at the bottom of the bed, there's Coby sleeping so sweetly. Just the cutest ever.

This picture is priceless. There's Will's hand holding Coby's.

And how about this one. It warmed my old heart.

Here's the two "boys" just laying around--not doing too much.

Below are two great pictures of my dad coming out of retirement only for Will. He got his hair cut from a professional barber. (For those of you that don't know my dad, he was a barber for over 50 years) It made me flash back 34 years when Dad gave him his first hair cut at the barber shop. Will sat so still for a little guy just because Dad use to give all the kids a penny to buy gum out of the gum machine in the barber shop. I think Dad gave all the kids and grandkids their first haircut. Will is looking so much better.

Will went outside for quite a while this afternoon. It was overcast and almost raining so it was perfect for the all-the-time-hot Will. He loved it and the air smelled so sweet-too bad Will can't smell it. He stayed off the vent for ten hours today. We had a good day. I think I talked his ear off, but he likes it when I tell him what's going on in the outside world.

He's going to take a long walk tomorrow early and maybe we can go outside again. Dallas plays at two. Sometimes when I watch him sleep, his strength just amazes me. He just is like that energizer bunny-just keeps going and going. God put in Will all the ingredients that Will would need to help him through this time. WOW Our God is so wonderful to us. His presence in our lives is all we need.

I pray that God showers you with blessings. Go to church and glorify Him (or don't go to church and still glorify Him). God bless

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