Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Will told me to tell everyone not to forget to get out and vote.

He had a lot better day than yesterday. Will sat up in a chair for almost six hours. He stayed off the vent for about 9 hours. That is for sure better than yesterday.

Some old friends from school, Jason and Mary Warr, came up to see Will. Will told me it was a very good visit. I have called a few of his other friends and want to call a few more. I have asked them if they would like to come and see Will. This is why we brought Will back to Idaho. He needs the encouragement you can only get from you close friends and family.

I am glad that everyone enjoyed the pictures that I put up about Will. I will try to keep putting more on the blog.
I think Coach is coming up on Tuesday to visit with Will. Will wanted to make sure Coach doesn't come down on a dialysis day. He can hardly stay awake to visit with anyone.

God bless and God bless Will. God bless our elections AMEN

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Carrie said...

Will, I am so glad to hear that you are working hard while you are at your new facility here in Idaho. It is fun to read everyday to see the progress you are making, it really sounds like they are making you work. But remember the saying "Hard work pays off." Next week I will be up in Boise for work stuff and I am hoping to get away to get over and see you. Keep up the good work and see you soon.