Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov 19, 2008 Wednesday

Coach came over to see Will and he got to walk with him around the unit.Coach even brought Tyson, his son, who Will helped coached when Ty was in high school. They had a lot to talk about. Then Kim and the kids came by and the room was really rockin'.

Will is on his big trial today. When he hits 8:00 am this morning, he will have stayed off for 24 hours, yes, you read it right. He has come so far and he WILL do it. Praise God.

The physical therapist had Will doing balance exercises. They even had him walking up a stair.
Tonight Billie, his cousin, and Sadie Kay, came to visit and when little Sadie (3 yrs. old) comes by to visit she brightens up Will's room just by walking in the place.

I will be going up to Boise as soon as school is out. We will be celebrating, I'm sure. Maybe what I will do is when I find out that he made it 24 hours, I will post it (just a short post). Then maybe we can all say of prayer of thanks for God's blessing on Will. I know I do every day anyway. We will be bringing him home soon.

God bless

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Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

Will, you keep it up. By God's grace, you are passing all His tests. It amazes us to actually witness how great God is and how you have kept going when others might have thrown the towel in. You are an inspiration to so many people who have followed your progress with all the ups and downs. God is Great. We are so proud of you and the stamina you have had. Dan and Evelyn Peterson