Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2008

Thanksgiving is almost here---can't wait.
Will walked downstairs and then he walked up four stairs today. What an accomplishment. Leaps and bounds, now. He had a visit from his cousin from Pocatello, Brenda, who is expecting our little great-nephew in a few months. Will's other cousin, Shannon, and his wife, Amanda, came up to visit also. He had dialysis this afternoon so he was pretty worn out.

Still he had great strides today and tomorrow he has to take a little trip to St. Als (hospital) because the docs want to have a vein mapping done. That is what they do so they can really look at the veins in Will's arms to see if they can put a "fistula" in for dialysis use. (Alert: new word, pay attention, please) A fistula is a vein they open up for permanent use for the dialysis people to plug Will into when he has dialysis. It is better for Will to have this because the one he uses now is a "tunnel catheter" and it is more prone to infection. There are two different ways they can do this but I will wait until the kidney doctor decides and explain that one. It's easier on me that way, because I'm just now learning all about it with the help of Will's nurse, Patricia, who use to work in a dialysis center.

I will fill you all in tomorrow night with what I found out. He will be tired when he gets done so he will probably have a quiet night.

God bless

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