Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nov. 15, 2008 Saturday

It was a very good day for Will. 16 HOURS OFF THE VENT. He is almost off the vent--it will be happening real soon. He walked several time today and once when he wasn't even told to.
He was rolling his wheelchair back to the room after his PT and Kim White (our neighbor and good, good friend) was with Will. He decided to show off a little and so he walked down the hall without any walker in front of him. Amazing. I just wish I had more superlatives to describe this progress of his.

Christi, his cousin, was here tonight. They had a good visit and she just couldn't believe the change in him. She said the best thing was his big smile. He feels so good about his progress too.
Christi and he were joking around and teasing each other (and me) just like old times.

Well, I'm headed off to my Cherie's and Dad's house to get in the wonderful bed they have for us. Will is going to have dialysis on Saturday to see if that helps. I hope they do it in the afternoon so I can see him workout.

Life is wonderful. God is good.
God bless

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T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Oh I just love to read this good news.. I cant wait to read every morning.. It always makes my mornings worth getting up.. Cause you know im not a morning fan.. LOL
Im glad AnneMarie was able to make it up to see you.. Her and Danny are cute together.. Your family is the best :)