Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov 10, 2008 Monday

Here is a great picture of Will getting his nightly massage from Teresa. After tomorrow night, Will is going to have to beg another nurse to do that. Teresa is going on a cruise to Mexico and getting some fun and sun. She deserves it too. Do you see the nice relaxing smile on Will's face.
(Tom is there in the picture because he's itching Will's feet. They got really itchy tonight.

Here is Teresa, Will's nurse, Nicole, Will's night RT, and Will, of course. Will was just getting ready to be put back on the vent after 14 1/2 hours again being off the vent. He doesn't look too worse for wear, does he? He's doing great although today was a little rougher than yesterday because of his fluids on board. He was struggling a little more and he didn't really want to get up at all. He did, even though the nurses said he could have a little bit of a day off. He still walked out in the hall but then he started throwing up so he had to go back in his room. For some reasons, those nurses just don't think that the patient should be in the hall throwing up??????? LOL
He didn't have any visitors today (except for his ever-faithful grandparents) which was probably a good thing because he wasn't feeling too well. Tuesday, Coach is coming up and then on Wednesday, AnnMarie is coming up to see Will. You remember AnnaMarie, one of Will's favorite RT from the University of Utah. Oh yea, and Danny(Will's cousin) is coming with her. For some strange reason, they think they are in love and it's all because of Will----I know all of you probably want to say AWE right now. They do make a cute couple but you kind of have to wonder "what is AnnMarie thinking?????" No, I'm just kidding. I love Danny so much. Will can't wait for them to get here. I think they are staying a couple of days and then they have to get back to SLC.
Once again, the weekend went by too fast. It is FANTASTIC what Will has accomplished from last Sunday night to this Sunday night. I ask that all of you can keep praying that this will keep up. God is so awesome and I know, without a doubt, that He hears every one of our prayers.
God bless all of Will's friends and family.

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