Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nov. 13, 2008 Thursday

Another picture because this is what Will's fans want, right?

These are our great friends from Hagerman Judy Osborne and Carrie (Osborne) Chizum. He enjoyed their visit but it was only a few hours since he had dialysis so he was pretty tired. We are so glad they came up even though Will wasn't us to his normal visiting talk.

Danny and AnnMarie were here for awhile but they came just in time to help us move. The nurses had to move the whole unit to the other end of the hallway. Will is now in one of the ICU rooms with windows so we are in new room like a fishbowl. Everybody goes by and waves to us.
He was really enjoying their visit but again, it was during dialysis so he slept a lot. They are coming back by noon tomorrow and spend the day with Will. They have a lot of stories for us about the U of U people, so we can't wait to hear all of them.

Will stayed off the vent for 15 hours and he had xrays this morning. His lungs are looking better than last week. Tomorrow he goes over to St. Als and has a CT on his lungs. We will let you all know when we know how those wonderful lungs look. Please pray for Will to keep on with his great progress. It's so unreal.

God bless


Lthsldy said...

Believe it. It is REAL! Will, you just keep crushing those goals. We know that you can do it.

Lovely weather we have today. Oh well, we'll take the water.

Have a great day.


Coach said...

Will, I know why you were so tired when Carrie and Judy were visiting you last night. Kim coaches with Carrie and we know what happens when you get around Kim. So it wasn't your fault or Judy and Carrie's fault. People that associate with Kim make you fall asleep. Just ask Richard.
As for your Mother !!! She thinks she is a comedian making fun of our picture. I realize I don't look very good when I'm next to you so I'm going to have my picture taken with your Mom and I will look great. It is hard to believe I could look great but your Mom will help me look good. Maybe we could get Donna and her both in there. (if we can catch them sober when they are together)
Will, keep up the great work. I am impressed with the progress you are making. Have a great day.
I hope Dr. Tom is practicing taking trach's out because yours will be coming out soon !!!

Jen Holtzen said...

Will, I think you are looking fantastic. Keep up the good work. I betcha those new lungs look FABULOUS on the ct! Jen Holtzen