Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday 11/30/08

Will had a lazy day. I had to wake him up at 11:30 because Shannon, his cousin, was coming up to visit. He did get to listen to the Jerome girls' game on the radio (via telephone) later in the afternoon. The Jerome girls won. Good job ladies.

Brenda and Dean, our good friends, came over to visit a little tonight. They brought Will a little Santa to set on his bedside table. They know how much Will loves Christmas. Billie and Matt, his other cousins came by tonight even though it was their "date night" to just keep Will company. Now this is why we needed to come back to Idaho.

He's looking good, so good. Tomorrow he gets to be a little lazy too. We love weekends.

God bless


Candice said...

Hope you had a good Turkey Day! So I've been reading that book 'Against Medical Advice', and while it's interesting, I think your mom would probably appreciate it more than you would. It's a book about Tourettes Syndrome, and a boys journey thru it. I've learned a TON, but then again, I have to teach that from time to time. Speaking of teaching, the mountain is open, and while the snow sucks right now, it should get better soon. So, the offer still stands...if you want to go skiing while you're out here, just let me know. :) Hope all is well.

Haneys said...

We so enjoyed the opportunity to visit while we were there, although it's never enough time... We are all so excited about the steady progress you are making lately, Will, and seeing you solidified all of the great feelings we've been getting from the news on the blog. Ruston never shares his blanket, either, so I think it's safe to say your "in". We all love you with all that we have! Continue to take great care of each other and we'll continue the prayers. (Ruston is now learning "Amen":)

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