Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Nov. 9, 2008

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures:

Here's Curtis, Jenn and Cali getting ready to go watch the BSU game. They get really into it now. So now they need to get Uncle Will a shirt to wear on game days.

I had to get a picture of Will during his walk so everyone can see that he finally walked for his mom. Thanks Will, I was getting really worried that you saved all of that for your dad's "watch." My dad, George, is helping push Will's tube feed and our RT, Tina from Texas, is helping with the great trek all the way down the hall and back again.

Will has a different walker that is easier to use. It has a built in seat. Well, our sweet nurse, Patricia (remember the macarana dancing nurse-yup this is the one) decided that Will didn't have it tough enough so she sat in it and wanted Will to push her. It didn't happen, but it was funny.

Okay so the big day has come and Will got to try and shower. Here is Brent and Stacee right after the BSU game. They came and it seemed like everyone wanted to watch my son take his first shower in many, many months. We did have to curb Brent's enthusiasm and tell him it was time to go home. The shower wasn't as fun or relaxing as I thought it should be for Will. Next time it will get better. So there is another milestone that has come and gone. Go Will

Okay, this last picture is Will and he has two young third graders that are our friends. These are Coach's niece's twin sons, Camron and Cody. They use to live in Hagerman and they come down a lot to see Sylvan Clark, their Grandpa. At first they were very nervous, then the gates opened up and they couldn't quit talking. They were telling us so many stories-it kept us entertained for quite awhile. Will enjoys kids so much and I'm glad they can come up.
Billie and Matt, Will's cousins, came up to visit for a while. So all in all it has been a very busy day and Will loved it. He did very well and made a new record-------14 hours 35 minutes OFF the vent. Whoohoo
After Will's shower though, he was tired. He took a quick nap and then had his nightly massage. So he's sleeping like a baby now. I hope tomorrow is going to be as great as today. It won't be long now people. He is up and running now--watch out Hagerman, he'll be home soon. I better start unpacking all those boxes of his that came home from SLC with us.
God bless


Brenda said...

Cody and Camron loved the visit and their picture on the blog. They couldn't stop talking about it - actually they couldn't stop talking while we were there either. Don't worry Randy, they followed the rules better than I did. Terry gave them a tour of the exercise room. What a cool place. Will, you will have a great time down there. And we can tell it won't be long until you are down building up your strength even more. It was wonderful to see you looking so good.

Haneys said...

That's awesome! Will's having more fun there than he will when you get him home and put him back to work...better be careful or he'll get wise to it! Really, so wonderful to see all of the cheerful visits you're having and we can't wait until Thanksgiving time to get over there and take a number!